Mark sent me this comment which so struck me I asked him if I could post it. Meeting the oversoul is perhaps the greatest liberation possible. Mark did just that in the following lucid dream.


In this lucid dream I was drawn up out of a scene from my current life and felt myself rapidly merging into my higher soul self. As I approached my higher soul self (mid-air, so to speak) I noticed a continuous stream of powerful energy waves radiating out from within the being’s heart center. The energy was radiating so powerfully that it looked like the flurry of rapidly beating semi-visible wings, or perhaps the waves of heat that can be seen rising from a stretch of desert highway baked by the blazing midday sun. This heart energy was being directed by my soul self to create and mold the creation scene below, which I recognized as symbolizing certain aspects of my current human life. As I merged into the higher soul self I came to experience myself as existing within that soul. I was now both fully myself and fully the soul at the same time. My consciousness greatly expanded whilst at the same time my focus intensified. I was now the soul and I was singing in full voice to my own creation as I swooped back and forth across it. Each wave of creative energy expended was infused with a dynamic musicality that poured forth from my heart center. I was singing as if I was the finest operatic tenor. Each note was powerful and crystal clear. My register was no longer restricted in any way. When the dream faded I was left in no doubt at all that whilst I am truly myself experiencing this current life I am also so much more. I am my soul. For me, the mystery of how we can be part of an over-soul without losing the individual sense of self has, to a large degree, been addressed. I hope this information proves helpful to others who may fear the loss of the ‘self’ as they pursue their own spiritual evolution. My message is that neither dying, nor the prospect of re-integration with the over-soul are to be feared in any way.