I am posting a series of videos called The Holographic Universe (Parts 1-5): It’s all an illusion. The point made in the first video is that what we perceive by our physical senses and believe to be real, what we see, smell, feel, taste and hear, including the perception of distance, is really the byproduct of how our brains transform photons into electrical messages. The brain interprets these electrical messages as sensual perception. In other posts on this site, the idea of the illusion of matter is addressed from a different standpoint, the standpoint of quantum physics. See also a surprising summary in the post The Deception of Perception. In the quantum world, an atom is composed almost entirely of space, forces, and oscillation. The amount of matter in an atom to the size of an atom is roughly in ratio to a small pea in a football field. Furthermore, the type of energy we know and the type of matter we know combined only make up 4.6 percent of the universe. The rest is made up of small percentage of dark matter and a much greater percentage of dark energy, neither of which is directly perceptible to us. In The Last Frontier I have argued that our sense of sequential time is also an illusion. Time as we know it is merely the way our nervous systems electrically organize solar data. And indeed, physicist have difficulty in identifying a time arrow that indicates past, present, and future. Most of the laws of physics treat the past and the future as the same. Because of the enculturated limitations of human perception, we have knowledge of only a small slice of the universe we live in. It’s time to widen our perceptual horizons.