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  1. Connie Luensman
    2012-11-21 @ 10:17 AM

    When I was 24 I was dating a young man who committed suicide by carbon monoxide  poisoning. At his funeral I spoke with his parents about my belief that he did not want to hurt or disappoint them further. He was involved in cocaine and was in trouble with the law for the second time at the time of his suicide.

    One night , soon after his funeral , I was grieving for him and I decided to run to burn off the emotion. I ran to his house, when I arrived at his front yard I experienced an extremely cold temperature drop and slight gust of wind which startled me, then I heard drums playing from the house (his younger brother who died of a drug overdose  played the drums) at almost the same time I heard what I believed to be at least 2 doberman pincers growling deeply and ferociously from behind a bush near the house. I ran back to my house without looking back. I was terrified and I remember feeling that it was a warning to stay away.

    I’ve often thought of this experience and wondered if it was a message from my boyfriend or his young brother. Any thoughts?




  2. gary
    2012-11-23 @ 1:05 AM

    Spirit is trying to contact you, using familar things that the person who passed over enjoyed to gently remind you that you are there and not alone.  I have seen time and time again through attending a spiritualist church in Canada the experience of someone recognizing their loved one through a medium who has no clue what the message means but the recipient does and is usually in tears.  If your brother played the drums it was most likely him. 

    The spirit survives death no matter what they have done on earth, no matter how briefly they lived.  I have seen living proof of this and it’s not acting.  The mediums don’t know much about the people they are giving messages to and it’s not acting. 

    I experienced my deceased mother at 15 years old coming to me with her prescence only I didn’t know she died until I was 26.  I made the mistake of telling my adoptive mother and she said I was crazy in the head and didn’t know what I was talking about.  Years later I proved my mother wrong…

    • Julia
      2012-11-23 @ 4:41 AM

      I am so glad you know your way around this world and are helping others! Bravo to you.

  3. Tony Cooper
    2012-11-24 @ 4:31 PM

    QUESTION: Nobody but nobody ever asks …. when we are in spirit …. WHAT do we do all day??? Do we eat, sleep???


    • Julia
      2012-11-24 @ 9:53 PM

      Actually, Tony, I write a lot about all that in The Last Frontier, and give lots and lots of examples of afterlife activity. People do ask about it, all the time.

  4. Frances
    2012-11-25 @ 12:22 AM

    Dear Julia,

    I heard you on Coast to Coast recently and was really heartened by what you had to say.  Thank you so much for giving people a chance to discuss death and suicide, and for honoring soldiers’ experiences as you do.

    A college friend, a brilliant person, committed suicide last year.  He was so deeply troubled and could not forgive himself for wrongs he was sure he had done.   I don’t think he believed people had souls or that any part of us persists or exists beyond the physical.  (He was a vehement ex-Christian and a scientist.) Going forward, as you discuss suicide, I would love to know what helpful things we can do for people like my friend after they have passed.

    So grateful to have discovered you,



    • Julia
      2012-11-26 @ 5:03 AM

      Frances, thanks so much for your feedback. If I were you I would try to contact your friend to see how he is. I have the impression of lingering anger. He also feels no need for contact because he still doesn’t believe it’s possible. So surprise him! That alone will do more for him than anything else. He has not yet allowed the wonder of the afterlife to take over. Nevertheless, given his restlessness, he is bound to straighten out, with or without our help.

  5. Marcie
    2013-01-17 @ 6:38 AM

    I have to say that the thought of those who commit suicide (obviously because they can’t seem to find any peace or love or relief of pain and sorrow) continuing to experience pain and despair after death is really upsetting. Why aren’t there Beings of Light who immediately enfold and comfort these poor souls once they pass? Where is the love? Where is the grace? Why aren’t their “higher selves” available?

    • Julia
      2013-01-17 @ 5:14 PM

      Marcie, there are always consequences we must face, namely the full recognition of what we have done rather than punishment. Of course, suicides don’t stay in this condition! Once they have reconciled with the violence they have done to themselves, all is well. You are reacting to their immediate experiences just after death. And what else could one expect? It would be the same if a person had committed some violent act in the flesh only to realize, perhaps with horror, immediately afterward how misdirected that act was, how poorly judged, and again, how violent the solution for a problem that could have been handled another way.

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