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  1. Tony
    2013-07-27 @ 6:29 PM

    Would love to know …. when in spirit, what do we do all day???

    • Julia
      2013-07-29 @ 8:39 PM

      That’s a little like asking what do people do on earth in the last 100,000 years! And more! A lot of them just have fun and create, create, create, in ways that involve so many dimensions, so many perceptions we can hardly understand it.

  2. Julia
    2014-06-04 @ 4:55 AM

    From what we know so far, Michael, most people who kill themselves to reunite with someone they love on the other side, do NOT meet that person. You can know her condition but either going to a good medium, or even better, by learning to communicate with her yourself. I have written a lot about this, how to do it, in my book. And on the website, I have a shortened version on how to communicate. You’ve got the emotional energy to do it! So do it! She would NOT WANT YOU to kill yourself, believe me.

  3. Amelia
    2014-06-10 @ 4:41 AM

    I have a friend suffering from Parkinson’s Disorder. It has gotten so bad for her physically and emotionally that she has started to talk about ending her life. I believe she may be hinting at asking me to be in her circle of supportive friends for the process, but not sure about this. I feel very torn about what to do or how to respond. She is a lovely person, but lonely and in a lot of pain and not seeing much hope for the future.

    • Julia
      2014-06-12 @ 4:23 AM

      Amelia, your friend should get emotional help first. Parkinson’s is such a strange disorder, so poorly understood. But she needs a lot of help coping with what is happening to her. Once she is through some of that, the suicide issue might look quite different. I do have a blog about a man who was heading into severe Alzheimer’s and elected to starve himself to death. He is doing great on the other side. Each case in different. It depends on your friend’s state of mind, and whether or not she has any inner optimism. Write me when you need to. I would have written you back right away but I’m on the road nowadays.

      Good luck and lots of hugs, Julia

    • Zoe R.
      2014-10-29 @ 4:57 AM

      Hi Amelia. I was suicidal for a couple of years, and usually we need a LOT of support. The thing is that she most likely has a tiny bit of hope left in her if she’s asking for support. She’s hoping that her friends could spark love in her. I understand you completely of how you don’t think you can help – when my friends ask for my support, I usually freak out because I don’t know what to say. The suicidal person just wants somebody to listen to her – to know that you’re there for her. Give her a lot of hugs. Point out things that are beautiful in this world.
      I know you posted a couple of months ago, so I hope that she’s still here with us and hope my comment could help. If not, I’m sorry for your loss.

  4. Zoe R.
    2014-10-29 @ 4:49 AM

    I was suicidal for a year (or three years, depending on the extremity) and I’m 16. So if I would have gone through with it, I would find myself in a hellish afterlife?? And that’s only for suicides, or do all spirits go through that after death?? I’m confused. I did communicate through the Ouija Board and asked for anything he would like to tell me, and the spirit told me to loathe the darkness.

    • Julia
      2014-10-29 @ 8:42 AM

      Zoe, there is no hell! Most of the suicides I’ve worked with after they died were in states of regret, not hellish states. As in this life of the body, we create our own reality in the afterlife as well. There are a number of articles on this site that explains how reincarnation really works. No part of you ever dies. Another aspect of your greater self reincarnates. We are talking about realms that have no time. All reincarnation is simultaneous. I am going to go ahead and answer the query you left under the Animal Heaven post. The level of depression you had is probably anchored in early childhood and infancy experiences. I would seriously consider doing some regression therapy so you can separate what is yours from what was your mother’s. If it is any consolation, I too went through this stage in my late teens and early twenties. After about 10 regressions, that seemingly groundless depression, that suicidal depression, never returned. So much of it has to do with a deep sense of isolation. The Quija board message seems to be overly dramatic. The only thing wrong with darkness is our fear of it. I hope this helps! Julia

  5. Christopher Buhler
    2016-01-24 @ 10:16 AM

    My partner stepped in front of a train to end her life three weeks ago. We had an argument. I said we could not go on. It devastated her. I was reaching out to her slowly making contact to repair, when she just did this. I believe she took an unfortunate combination of anti depressant, I did not know she was taking, and migraine medicine that caused a probable psychotic situation. She was otherwise beautiful and had everything going for her. I thought she would be ok even if we did not get back together, however I wanted to love her more but their was this demon it seemed that came out sometimes. I did not think she would not do this. Their are green and purple orbs that frequently appear to me and with her many friends, maybe a hundred photos of them. A young girl who could see the green orb has photographed it up and down my body including my third eye, on my heart with purple wings, etc. Is this Lara Bright my partner? Where is she now? What is she going through? I miss her so. She was a bright light here and touched so many lives. Will I ever see her again? My life is upside down and I can only live to develop a deeper compassion for seeing more clearly and assisting her son who has aspergers find his path. I struggle to find peace with this.

    • Julia
      2016-01-28 @ 9:32 AM

      Dear Christopher,
      This must be awful for you. I am so sorry. Truthfully, you need to resolve things with your partner. And you can do that with after-death communication. I give tips on how to do that at the bottom of my homepage. Direct one-to-one contact is what you need, not a medium, and not orbs. Or you might consider working with someone in a more therapeutic context. Go to Alan Botkin’s site and take a look at what this therapy can do. It is designed to put you in direct contact. On his site there is a list of therapist all around the world. Here’s the link:


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