Until Death Do Us NOT Part: A Wife’s Romance with her Dead Husband


The following amazing story of her encounters with her deceased husband was written by Deborah B. Thank you Deborah!


This story is about my husband of 41 years, Tony who passed away on 2/2/16. We were very close and passionately in love. That day after returning home from the hospital where he died, I noticed the clock on wall in the bedroom had stopped on the exact same time of his passing. I had just changed the battery a week prior, so after taking the battery out and placing it in another device, I found that it was fully charged. Later that night is the first time he came to me. After summoning me outside, he telepathically spoke to me in a dominating voice, giving me several messages including the fact that he would be using me as a portal. Then I felt as though he wrapped his arms around me. I felt a pure and overflowing sense of peace and unconditional love.

The following day, we started experiencing disturbances with the microwave and TV. This continued for several days sometimes with my children present. Soon after that, I started feeling his presence around me, I would get that same feeling in the pit of my stomach as I did when he was in the physical world. At his memorial service there was a picture taken of me, and after a couple of days had passed he woke me from my sleep at 4 am and prompted me to look at the picture. To my amazement, I saw his arm around me. I took it to a medium and she confirmed that he indeed had contacted me. My husband also gave her several messages that she would never had known. After looking at the photo, she said out of her 25 years of being a medium she had only seen 2 photos that were authentic. Mine was one of them.

Following his memorial service he began to get in bed with me. He would come up behind me, lie down, and hold and caress me (what an incredible feeling). He has left several feathers in my path (8) and sent me flowers for Valentine’s and Mothers‘ Day. He still comes to me every single day for a cuddle. He even prompted me to do research and find out that he and I are TWIN FLAMES, and that he will always be with me. There are several other different occurrences, these are just the ones we started with.