Should Science Have the Last Word on the Afterlife?

The following is an important comment from John H, a visitor to this website. John asks why we give so much power to science. Is it really science’s province to prove or disprove life after death? Or should we rely on our own inner knowledge and personal proof? I have spent this whole year teaching people how to access their inner senses, and more important, how to rely on the information they deliver. It is amazing what we know and can know using our inner senses. It is what we learn from our own innate bank of knowledge that should shape science, not the other way around. John’s questions are so provocative, I thought I would post his comment to the blog: “Can Science Prove Life After Death.”

“To be brief, I am reading the book now (The Last Frontier), and I like it a lot, especially the particular approach to the subject; however, like so many other books in this area, an underlying problem that I see over and over–to put it simply–is that too much power is given to scientists. What do I mean by that? I mean why is (their) approval required or needed at all in order for the afterlife or anything paranormal to be validated? This is a similar situation I see in studying/researching alternative healing, e.g., herbal, reiki, aromatherapy, etc., online, or anything else for that matter that might possibly encroach (?) on scientific turf. For example, one always runs into, “be sure to check with your physician before using or attempting whatever!” Basically, what I’m trying to say here is that somehow, somewhere along to the line, an outright and tremendous fear has been instilled into humanity to not think for ourselves, or to do anything at all ourselves, without the expressed stamped approval of a scientist!?–why is this the consensus? Guess what, nine times our to ten, you ask your physician something a little out of the norm, whether it be the safety of a particular herb, supplement, or even what happens after we die, and they have no opinion–or mumble something. I call that the silent disclaimer that they likely don’t know–at least this has been my experience. Don’t get me wrong, if you are about to put something into your body that is questionable I would be the first to implore you to do your research and ask all the questions you can from as many reliable sources you could find–including your doctor. The major point here is though, why are we all giving “scientists” so much power to control our general realities. This is essentially exactly what we continue to do and it needs to stop. It’s time for a new authority–ourselves (?) Physicists, from what I’ve heard, put on their pants the same way I do, and sometimes they might even have trouble finding their car keys. They will likely be denying the afterlife, or anything similar, for a very long time to come, and there will always be skeptics.”

John H.