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SIGN UP NOW FOR JULIA’S 10-MONTH COURSES ON PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT IN VIENNA AND GRAZ. The Vienna seminars begin in November 2016 for the third time in Austria. The Graz seminars begin in January 2017. Aura Reading! Telepathy! Remote Viewing! Medical Intuition! Healing! After-Death Communication! Past Lives! Future Lives! Get to know who you are! Get to know your magnificent spirit and how to work with it for a better life and a better world! JULIA’S UPCOMING EVENING TALKS IN VIENNA AND THE AREA at Prokopp 27th of September, 19 Uhr 30: 1030 Wien, Landstraße Hauptstraße 47 11th of October, 19 Uhr 30: 2500 Baden, Rathausgasse 5-7 24th of Oktober, 19 Uhr 30: 1190 Wien, Sonnbergplatz 7 Please email r.prokopp@gewusstwie.at for registration. Evening Talks and Workshops with Julia—Graz and the Graz Area 14th of October, 19:00-20:30. An Evening of Channeling. Seddwell Center, Dreihackengasse 32, 8020 Graz 20th October, 19:30. Talk and Demonstrations. Best of Spirits Center, Kalsdorferstrasse 6, 8072 Fernitz. Register at www.bestofspirits.at 11th of November, 19:00-20:30. An Evening of Channeling. Seddwell Center, Dreihackengasse 32, 8020 Graz 23rd of November, 19:30. Talk and Demonstrations. Best of Spirits Center, Kalsdorferstrasse 6, 8072 Fernitz. Register at www.bestofspirits.at 09th of December, 19:30. Demonstrating Mediumship. Best of Spirits Center, Kalsdorferstrasse 6, 8072 Fernitz. Register at www.bestofspirits.at

Register now by clicking here!


Dr. Julia AssanteEach person is born with a spiritual and biological faith that is personal, intimate, and optimistic. Real faith springs from innate awareness of our connectedness with all living beings, with nature and with All That Is. It requires only that we retrieve that child part in each of us that knows the universe is good. Not good and evil, not even good and bad. Just good. It is knowing that every consciousness is uniquely meaningful and charged with purpose. That survival beyond the body is the only possible outcome. That the afterworld is not about judgment and condemnation. That All That Is is so all-encompassing, so unfathomably compassionate, that even forgiveness is dwarfed into insignificance. This faith is what people who have returned from near-death states bring back with them. For the dead, it is the ever-present state of grace in which they dwell.

Last Frontier_cvr.inddThe Last Frontier is the first critical exploration of that vast, uncharted, simply out-of-this-world terrain we enter at death. It draws from consciousness research, physics, parapsychology and quantum biology, from studies in Near Death Experiences and Nearing Death Awareness, from the records of therapists, medical personnel and bereavement counselors, and from accounts of communication with the dead. Its main aim is the release from the fear of death. The author also calls for serious further study of the true nature of the afterlife and the normalization of afterdeath communication. For more about the book, click here.


No matter where you are in the world, you can have a private session with Julia via teleconferencing. She does Life Readings, Afterlife Communication and Body Scanning, sometimes all in one session! If you are interested in regression therapy, she has been very successful doing sessions through Skype.

Julia has 40 years experience in this field. She was tested at Columbia University in 1986 along with other professional intuitives for telepathy and remote viewing. Her scores were so high above the others that the researchers created a category for her alone. Julia has been a certified Past-Life/Regression therapist since 1984.

In order to connect with her to find out the details or to schedule, go to the Contact Menu and write her. She will answer you personally.


Everyone is telepathic. And telepathy is all you need to communicate with the departed. Here are a few simple procedures for Intentional After-Death Communication. These procedures are fully in line with the most up-to-date criteria established by researchers in afterlife studies.

  • Write a short list of questions you need answered by the deceased. These questions should be emotionally driven.
  • Prepare a sacred space to work in where you will not be disturbed for about an hour.
  • Set your general intentions for the ultimate good before you attempt contact, calling on the divine, by whatever name you use, to assist you.
  • Set your personal intentions for an encounter, directing them at the person you want to reach. Frequently repeat the deceased’s name.
  • Tell the deceased that you need to see how they are NOW.
  • Form a mental image of the deceased as they are NOW in your mind.
  • Once you have a picture, hold it steadily in your mind’s eye until you feel you have caught that person’s attention. When you feel you have their attention, you have established brainwave synchronicity.
  • Pay attention to your physical experiences, such as body tingling, a sensation of a flood of energy or a rush of emotion. These are signs that contact is deepening.
  • Keeping that person’s attention, begin talking and asking questions directly as though that person were right before you. Remember you are speaking from your strongest emotion and need. Wait for answers. They are likely to come in visual form.
  • Internalize whatever you see, taking mental snapshots of the pictures that appear in your mind, and listening inwardly for any messages.
  • Verbally describe your impressions directly to the departed and ask for confirmation. Again, wait for an answer.