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The Percy Project

I developed The Percy Project to demonstrate that tests on the question of the survival of consciousness after bodily death can be rendered replicable and quantifiable. With the use of a little-known device, developed in the Kremlin during the Cold War, the energy of those deceased who visit us can be localized in spacetime (see video 2). I call this device Percy. It was originally invented to measure the plasma emissions of the human body for diagnostic purposes, in particular auras and chakras (see video 1).  However, I discovered that it can be applied to the energies of the deceased as well as to those in Out-of-Body experiences.

The device registers the strength of an energy presence in two ways. First by sound: the stronger and the closer to Percy the energy presence is, the higher and louder the sound. Second by lights: the device displays the strength and closeness of plasma emissions with two lights (Video 2).

If there is no presence whatsoever, the lights on the device register green/green. If something is there but only weakly, the lights are green/yellow. As strength and closeness increase, the lights go from green/yellow to yellow/yellow, yellow/yellow to yellow/orange, yellow/orange to orange/orange, orange/orange to orange red and finally just red/red, the last being the strongest and closest reading (Video 4). As Video 1 shows, red would be the color of a fully open chakra at close range.

The trials took place in Vienna, Austria, from May 14th through May 16th, 2021. In every trial, Percy did not fail to register an energy presence.  In all, Percy registered 17 different personalities with ranges from green/yellow to red/red.

Nearly always, the arrival of the deceased produces strong waves of energy that sweep through the body. These waves are laden with emotion and information (Video 3). Frequently, Percy responded to both the energy presence of the deceased and the waves generated by communication with the deceased, at the same time.

The videos below are examples of how Percy works.

Video 1: Day One, Trial One, Part I

Gernot uses Percy to measure the auras and chakras of the mediums before a trial begins.

Video 2: Day One, Trial One Part II

Gernot uses Percy to search the room and locate our first energy presence.

Video 3: Day One, Trial Two

All three mediums experience a succession of extremely strong and highly emotional waves.

Video 4: Day Three at 1:20 a.m.

In Gernot’s apartment at 1:20 a.m., an exhausted Julia uses Percy to locate a deceased man named Peter. Peter’s presence registered red/red and was the strongest presence registered during the Percy Project experiments. We were working in an ideal sidereal time period, which undoubtedly made conditions better for interdimensional activity. Another reason was that the psychological atmosphere was quieter. All other experiments of the Percy Project took place during the day, when sidereal time was working against us and the psychological atmosphere was less harmonious.

Video 5: Day Three, Trial Ten

Before beginning Trial Ten, at 1:35 p.m. Gernot and Susanna use Percy to show that “there is nothing there, nothing at all.” The room in Gernot’s apartment was clean of any unseen plasma emissions at the start of the trial.

Video 6: Day Three, Trial Ten

Shortly after 1:35 p.m., Peter’s presence begins to build, rising to orange/red. Although the sidereal time was unfavorable, the psychological and physical atmosphere of Gernot’s apartment was better than the seminar room’s atmosphere.