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  1. Marie Hopkins
    2012-02-17 @ 2:19 PM

    Dear Julia,

    Wonderful stories and research rolled into this book.  I recently lost a coworker to cancer and we talk about how she seems among us everyday!  I look forward to reading the whole book.

    Lots of love –


    • Julia
      2012-02-18 @ 11:26 AM

      Marie, many thanks! It forever amazes me how much contact we all really have with the  departed. More and more of us are beginning to realize it’s not just our imaginations.


  2. Diana Knight
    2012-12-07 @ 8:15 PM

    I lost my husband, partner and soul mate of 34 years to cancer in June of this year. I feel like half of me is missing.

    I heard your interview on Coast to Coast radio show and loved it-it has given me hope. My brother is giving me your book  The Last Frontier for an xmas present. I look forward to reading it-I am looking for some peace of mind. Although my husband and I are atheists, we wanted to believe there was something of a spiritual nature(not religious) after the physical body passes on. I hope I find some answers with yor book.


    • Julia
      2012-12-11 @ 8:34 PM

      Dear Diana, Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. You will find many things in the book to help you, especially learning how to connect with your deceased husband. Please let me know what you think of the book and even more, what experiences you have while reading it or what happens when you attempt communication. Remember, when you are most feeling grief, chances are very high that you are responding to the presence of your husband. Given your desire to find out if life continues after death, I am sure he will get through!


  3. Joan Reilly
    2013-02-14 @ 1:41 AM

    I came across your book on Amazon(last week) while ordering Larry Dossey’s book, Healing Words.  I saw his interview on Oprah’s Super Sunday.  I felt I had seen the book and, sure enough, it was in my late husband’s bookcase.  I began reading it and thought of my dear friend(who does Reiki) and decided to send it to her for her birthday.  While on Amazon, I noticed your book and was intrigued…had it sent to my Kindle and read in it a week…I’m blown away.  My husband died of MDS(which Robin Roberts has) on 12/22/07.  It was so hard those last 5 months for both of us…I miss him terribly.   It was about 3 months later and feeling really down, I was sitting in his chair and the tv turned on!  I had no intention of watching…I thought it was an electrical short.  Two years later, I needed major work done on our master bath…I was so concerned that I’d be taken advantage of by dishonest contractors.  For weeks, I mentally labored over this…then, one morning about 4:30 I woke up out of a deep sleep and thought of the husband of one of my fellow speech therapists.  They(husband and brother-in-law)  were a “God-send”…honest, thorough, and neat!  My late father, who was like(only the facts, mam) saw a projection of my late mother in his bedroom.  He was beside himself with joy.  I saw that in your book. Last year at 66,  I was working as an slp in the school system.  Had a nightmare of a wall coming down on top of me…ignored it…A teacher at school(from GA, I’m from NYC), told me(hands shaking) that my mother(died in 1981) came to her in a dream to tell her that Joanie(family name) was so sad.  Another slp, told me about a dream she had of me on a white horse, wearing a blue bikini, and was very happy. I made the decision to retire and am happy with my decision!  Thank you, Julia, for your gift of yourself!

    • Julia
      2013-04-08 @ 7:02 AM

      Isn’t it amazing how much we really know and how much we can really do if we just pay attention to what is happening. It is wonderful to read accounts like yours that demonstrate the benefits of following one’s intuition and staying open. I applaud you (and your father!).

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