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The Last Frontier

The Last Frontier from New World Library is available at all major booksellers and ebook retailers.


Selected for Book of the Month by Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven on his official web site.

in the category of DEATH, DYING, AND GRIEF




“Death. We fear it, we plan for it, we do all we can to forestall its coming. And yet, neither faith nor science can keep death from grabbing hold of each one of us. Social historian Assante, who is also a medium, has penned what may be the most important book on the enigma of death since the groundbreaking work of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Some will disagree with Assante’s conclusions that there is life after death, and that the living can communicate with those who have passed on. She buttresses her arguments with numerous accounts of near-death experiences and reported communication with the dead. Add to this a concise but fascinating survey of how the ancients viewed death, the nature of sin and salvation, and the pervasive belief in reincarnation, and the result is a body of evidence that merits serious discussion. All of this culminates in a fascinating question: “What would the world be like without the fear of death?” Perhaps a world filled with loving, nurturing, positive, life-affirming people? An outstanding read.”

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“Throughout history, the fear of death has caused more suffering for human beings than all the physical diseases combined. You are holding in your hands the cure for this suffering. Some books save lives.This one may save a planet.”
• Larry Dossey, MD, author of The Power of Premonitions and The One Mind

“Julia Assante offers a convincing glimpse of non-local reality which may be the essence of our immortal being.”
• Deepak Chopra, MD, author of Spiritual Solutions

“Julia Assante’s The Last Frontier is a brilliant combination of three categories of evidence for the survival of consciousness after death — the science, the history, and personal experience. Written from the unique perspective of an Ivy League scholar and a talented psychic, Assante’s book is exceptionally well grounded and accessible. The Last Frontier offers an important contribution to our understanding of death, dying, and beyond.”
• Dean Radin, PhD, Institute of Noetic Science, author of The Conscious Universe and Entangled Minds

“In The Last Frontier, Julia Assante helps us approach death in ways that enlarge life, and to grow our ability to step between worlds and have timely and helpful contact with those who are living on the other side. Writing with passion and eloquence, deftly mixing the data of science and history with first-hand experience, she succeeds magnificently in a venture that is of urgent and essential relevance to all of us, because when we make death our ally, we find the courage and clarity to remake our lives and our world.”
• Robert Moss, author of The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead and Dreaming the Soul Back Home

“With an eloquent balance of science and soul, Julia Assante shows us that by beginning to grasp the miracle that is death, we can transform guilt and grief as well as our relationships with loved ones living and dying, and in the process, create healing and peace in our troubled world. She unveils the afterlife as a realm of unlimited possibility, expanded awareness, and ineffable love.”
• Dianne Arcangel, former director of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Center (Houston), author of Afterlife Encounters and Life After Loss (with Raymond Moody)

The Last Frontier explores all phases of death, dying, the afterlife and how to communicate with those who are living it. Above all it is a critical investigation of what happens when we die. That means it is not based on religious teachings or on spiritual traditions but on research drawn from several sources: from consciousness research, Near Death Experiences and Nearing Death Awareness studies; from physics, quantum biology and parapsychology; from the records of past-life therapists, medical personnel and bereavement counselors, and from the many thousands of published testimonies people have given of their personal communication with the dead. It is also based on my own experience working with the dying and the dead as a professional medium. The social historian side of me examines the various constructions of the afterlife from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to the present to show that cultures produced different versions of the afterlife to meet specific socio-political agendas. The afterlife religions currently teach are recent inventions in the course of humanity\’s long history. So is sin, as we understand it today. In fact, the heaven-and-hell notion of the afterlife developed centuries after the Books of the New Testament were written.

For an overview of what The Last Frontier covers, click here to see its Table of Contents.


  1. Julia
    2014-10-13 @ 10:30 AM

    A recent message from a reader:
    “Dear Julia, thank you for writing ‘The Last Frontier…’ It’s absolutely riveting, brilliantly written; the anecdotes are exceptional. I was particularly interested in your take on ghosts/thought forms and that’s not a take I’ve read elsewhere (I read extensively). As I’m reading on Kindle, I’d inadvertently skipped whole chapters (checking the references), so am backtracking on bits I’ve missed out. I’ve had many experiences myself… which I would like to share with you if you are interested. May I also say that I applaud your sysnopses of afterlife theories in different cultures. Certainly food for thought. Ange x”

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