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Tell me your story

If you’ve had any contact with the dead, in a Near Death Experience, in personal afterdeath communication not mediated by a professional, or in a dream, if you’ve seen a “ghost,” or sensed the presence of the departed or had any strong visions of the afterlife, this is where you can tell me your story.

I am especially interested to hear from you soldiers and veterans.

Thanks for letting me know your story. I look forward to reading it. Anything you write will remain strictly confidential. If your story is appropriate, I may ask you if I can publish it on this web site. Without your express permission, no part of your story will appear on this web site or in any future publications.

Please fill out this form below as a way of introduction. When I get your e-mail, I will reply to you.
If you have written your story and would like to include it here please add an attachment below. I will then contact you personally.
If you don’t want me to contact you, check NO on the Reply From Julia box.”