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Julia, The Intuitive

Intutive pictureFrom 1977 to the present Julia has been an active professional psychic and medium. In addition to private sessions, she has taught workshops on remote viewing, healing arts and aura reading, afterdeath communication, remembering the future and reincarnational recall in the US, Canada, Germany, France and Spain, with the next one scheduled in Austria for February 2012. She has also coached physicists, medical professionals, entertainers and athletes to develop specific career-related psychic skills. She believes, however, that the real power of good psychic work is not about accurate information. It lies instead in its affect—the spontaneous revelation of a greater reality, the most important experience a person can have. Nothing brings that closer to home than afterdeath communication. Although it is a great wonder and privilege for Julia to assist the dying, officiate at funerals and contact the dead for others, what really changes people, what really heals and ends grief, what unveils the truth of immortality is making direct contact themselves.

In 1987, Julia was certified for practicing a uniquely effective type of regression therapy from AAPLE (LA), founded by Dr. Morris Netherton, work she continues today. She has been an ordained minister since 1985 of The New Seminary (NY), an Interfaith Seminary founded by Rabbi Joseph Gelberman and Sri Swami Satchidananda, where she taught for two years. In 1984, she participated in clinical tests for telepathy at Columbia University, resulting in accuracy scores high above other professional psychics. Her interest in religious beliefs and so-called magical practices, which has always been high, is fed by decades of working alongside shamans, healers and gurus from non-western traditions as well as academic research of pre- and parabiblical religions (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, Greece and Rome). She is now investigating ways a revolutionary medical device that operates on the level of quantum biology can be adapted to scientifically prove life after death.