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The Psychology of Immortality

The psychology of immortality is a perspective on life that regards death as that moment when the eternal self changes focus from physical reality to nonphysical reality. Nothing more. People with this expanded perspective understand the change of focus as a nearly insignificant moment point within infinity. They realize that life, exploration and growth never stop but extend into eternity, whether through reincarnations in the body or outside matter altogether. They do not seek contact with their eternal selves, they are their eternal selves. In the world’s present state, only a small number of people throughout the globe live in this psychological mindset. infinity_nebula_by_blph-d37yigj.jpg (1600×1200) For the rest of us, the fear of death is too strongly ingrained. The eternal self can only be experienced when that fear is out of the way. It dissipates when people encounter immortality, either in the form of direct contact with the afterlife, as in Near Death Experiences or in one-to-one encounters with those already in it. Intense trance states and meditations can also trigger the experience of immortality. Children frequently experience it spontaneously through contact with nature although our society teaches them to suppress it.

When that encounter does happen, people abruptly change. They discover a strong sense of life purpose. And rather than relying on what others think, they rely on their own innate authenticity to guide them. New values take over, the importance of creativity, knowledge and reverence for all life. The need to compete transmutes into a drive to serve. These people stop squandering vital energy on blame and judgment, petty insecurities or the slavish pursuit of material gain. They are utterly free. Finally, they know in their bones that life does not end with death. To them, death is the emergence into a realm of unlimited possibility, of unimaginably expanded consciousness and ineffable love. And they know too that the foundation of all that exists, in this world or the next, is benign. They become wrapped then in a luxurious safety. How would your life change if you were like this? What would you do? What would the world be like populated by such people, people who know what really matters, people who know that we are eternal?

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