Steve Jobs and the Afterlife

Most of you have heard that Steve Jobs’s last words before he died were “Wow! Wow! Wow! Clearly he was having what is called a deathbed vision, a rather common phenomenon of the last moments, days or weeks of life. Deathbed visions can also take the form of seeing loved ones from the other side. But for Jobs, he was seeing that simply-out-of-this-world terrain he was just then beginning to enter.

Here’s a link for  you to read about Jobs’ beliefs on God and an afterlife. As he grew sicker, his belief in the  afterlife grew stronger. This is as it should be. But why wait? As you will read from the article linked below, NOT knowing for sure whether there was an afterlife kept Jobs in distress. From his last words, we can assume that just moments before he  died, that question he had long wrangled with was finally answered.

“60 minutes” interview with Steve Jobs’ biographer