“Throughout history, the fear of death has caused more suffering for human beings than all the physical diseases combined. You are holding in your hands the cure for this suffering. Some books transform lives. This one may transform a planet.”

— Larry Dossey, MD, author of “Healing Words” and “The One Mind”

“A convincing glimpse of nonlocal reality, which may be the essence of our immortal being.”

— Deepak Chopra, author of “Spiritual Solutions” and “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”

“”The Last Frontier” presents a brilliant combination of three categories of evidence for survival of consciousness after death — the science, the history, and personal experience….Exceptionally well grounded and accessible, it offers an important contribution to our understanding of death, dying, and beyond.”

— Dean Radin, author of “The Conscious Universe” and “Entangled Minds”

“Unveils the afterlife as a realm of unlimited possibility, expanded awareness, and ineffable love.”

— Dianne Arcangel, author of “Afterlife Encounters” and coauthor (with Raymond Moody) of “Life After Loss”

“Julia Assante helps us to approach death in ways that enlarge life, and to grow our ability to step between worlds and have timely and helpful contact with those who are living on the other side….She succeeds magnificently in a venture that is of urgent and essential relevance to all of us.”

— Robert Moss, author of “The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead” and “Dreaming the Soul Back Home”

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