Science and Spirituality

This beautifully written article on the convergence of science and spirituality is by Dylan Charles, Editor of Waking Times, was published February 7, 2014.

Long before science surfaced as a force of nature within the minds of human beings, spirituality and superstition reigned. The evolution of the human species and the human mind is a fascinating story and at our present moment in time we are gifted to be able to bear witness to the communion of science and spirituality, which enables us to for the first time in our collective history to dispel both the superstitions of humankind and the hubris of the material sciences. At the root of the timeless human quest for a deep understanding of our existence is the drive to find the source of consciousness, that precious gift of the cosmos that animates our bodies and provides a foundation for the intellect. For spiritual people who’ve committed themselves to an esoteric and experiential understanding of our mental universe, it is observed that human consciousness is a vast and endless sea, multi-layered and multi-colored with infinite possibilities. For the scientifically oriented minds among us, this explanation does not hold water as it is too aloof and immeasurable, defying the demand for reproducible data, as consciousness and spirit have as of yet evaded measure by our ingenious devices and analytical technologies.

Yet the human spirit evolves with time, and our capacity to experience and to know the cosmic subtleties of our universe increases with our evolution. So too does science evolve and mature, taking on a consciousness of it’s own, as though it were its own force of nature, as wild and consuming as fire itself. Seemingly divergent, these opposing world views have actually forever been moving in tandem, only appearing to occupy their own lanes on a fast-track super-highway. In reality, both are forever heading in the same direction, each with unique purpose, awaiting communion with the other.

The next evolutionary phase of the human race simply must be marked by the convergence of science and spirituality, the communion of the material and immaterial, the marriage of logic and abstraction. A practical and tangible oneness rather than dissociative duality. At present we know this to be true, as so many of us can plainly see that we are in serious need of a humanizing effect on science, and also in want of a more practical understanding of spirit, soul and consciousness.

The race is on, and this convergence will take place if we are to have a future here on earth. Without a swift and certain evolution on this front we are doomed to be destroyed by our own scientific hubris and material ignorance, while the spirit watches the material consume itself. All this is changing, however, right now. As the movement to awaken human conscious is rapidly growing, science is moving just as swiftly to understand and interpret spirituality in its own rigid terms. In this evolutionary process, millions of us on planet earth are simultaneously awakening to our divine nature, and science and technology are driving forward with amazing theories and discoveries that validate some of the long-time fundamental ‘knowns’ of the spiritual community.