A Pioneer of Past-Life Therapy

Morris Netherton was one of the first past-life therapists in existence. He developed an extremely effective treatment in which patients were not hypnotically regressed by the therapist but regressed themselves by following their own emotions. His method also includes a way of discharging destructive emotions and beliefs. They simply disappear, sometimes in one session. Netherton was my teacher back in the mid 1980s, along with one of his students, Steve Raymond. I still adhere to his method. Since then, I have learned a great deal more about reincarnation and its surprising complexity than was known a few decades ago.




Here’s an excerpt from the Preface of Netherton’s book, Strangers In The Land Of Confusion

For 45 years, I have processed over forty thousand sessions in which people lifted the boundaries of their minds and changed their lives.  Many sought therapy to heal physical and emotional pain and did, indeed, free themselves of addictions, phobias, and physical problems.  Many others, however, expanded their lives by exploring the far boundaries of their soul’s evolution.  They discovered earlier existences in which events and situations continue to create the structure of their lives today.  They learned that spiritual evolution determines who they are from cell to soul.  The exploration of this evolutionary process is what I call Past Life Therapy.

I am filled with wonder as I watch clients identify, relive and release unresolved issues from experiences across the vast expanses of time.  In a process which brings the unconscious conscious, the mind is allowed to resolve the events that have unknowingly motivated and influenced the current life experience.  Through exploration and integration of these events, today’s living becomes free of past influences and gains the ability to make choices—and to respond instead of react.

One of my basic goals in developing this process of the mind’s integration and healing was to create change in the current life at both the finite and infinite levels.  Expanding the infinite or spiritual mind must not hinder the ability to live successfully in the work-a-day finite world.  An integrated life will achieve the ability to overcome struggle and confusion.  It will also create an opportunity for personal and financial fulfillment.

The integration of mind, body and soul motivates each session.  The mind is drawn to situations that contain the unconscious perception that we will not survive.  The fears of survival are eliminated when unconscious experiences, which contain pain, trauma and confusion, are resolved and questions answered.  In the process of discovery, the mind first asks the questions, and then provides the answers.  The mind is the ultimate source of survival.  You have the answer to every question in your life.