Evidence for Aliens and UFOs?


This video is a lot of fun. Jerry Kroth wrote a book giving the evidence we have for extraterrestials, titled Aliens and Man.  Much of it is convincing, especially the testimonies of military personnel in the USA, England and Russia. The truly mysterious, and outrageously beautiful crop circles are alone enough reason to watch this video.

However, Jerry got it wrong when it comes to Egypt and the development of writing. He claims that heiroglyphics appeared all at once. This is not true, of course; it developed the same way Sumerian developed, from pictographs. The development in Sumerian is much more obvious because so much more is preserved of every-day life, outside of temple contexts. What we have in Egypt comes mostly from highly worked tombs. He is also wrong about the Pyramid at Giza. The development of that monument from earlier types is also clear, as is the technology that went behind its building. No real mystery there either, and certainly not evidence for aliens teaching the Egyptians their wisdom.

One more thing that Jerry should have looked at before he wrote is “Mungo man,” an intact skeleton that dates to about 62,000 years ago in Australia. He claims that because the genetic makeup of Mungo man is different from modern homo sapien sapiens, it could indicate an alien presence. Apparently, the author/speaker is unaware that more and more homo sapien types are being discovered. There were many forms of humans a long, long time ago, and many of them co-mingled with humans like us and Neanderthals.

Nevertheless, enjoy the youtube presentation. Some of it is quite surprising.