Atheists Speak Out Against an Afterlife

I cam across this video of atheism’s refusal to accept an afterlife, thinking it would anger me. It did not. Truthfully, I have always liked certain types of atheists, the ones who are busy having a happy, fulfilling life and not worrying about what comes next. And I have never met one who does not talk to the dead privately, mentally or in a kind of prayer.

There are those, however, who are fanatically opposed to any belief in a reality outside the one of matter. Those are the ones to steer clear of. All the views expressed in the video ride on an unscientific and ignorant misinterpretation of material existence, and on the notion that when the brain dies, you die, which we know now from near-death experience research is simply not true. It should also be mentioned that when atheists refute the afterlife, they are generally refuting an afterlife as it is taught by institutional religions, versions of a judgmental afterlife that produce fear. In that sense, I am on their side.

My main criticisms of the atheist view of existence is its naivety, that the material world is the only real world which has long been disproved by science, that the notion of eternity is calculated in years, rather than what we now know that time in those dimensions does not exist, and that we, as individuals, are as insignificant as a grain of sand on a wide and long beach. From my own experience, not even a grain of sand is insignificant. And since there is no space, let alone time, in the nonlocal reality of the afterlife, there is plenty of room for us all.


Nevertheless, it is important to keep opposing views in mind. Besides the issues, the images in this video are quite beautiful.