Dr Bruce Greyson on NDE Consciousness at the UN

Dr Bruce Greyson, Director of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia, speaks at the UN about the medical “impossibilities” of near death experiences. Science has been unable to grapple with the anomalies of a person’s consciousness in an NDE, in which it not only continues without brainwave activity, but functions far more sharply without the brain’s help. People in near-death states, whether in NDEs or on the deathbed often have remarkable cognitive abilities and methods of retrieving information generally unknown in normal waking life. Greyson further discusses other anomalies of consciousness, such as the return of complete mental faculties in dying patients despite having severe brain impairment.He rightly points to the present conceptual limitations in science, as well as in our society at large, for our failure to scientifically and conceptually understand the phenomena of consciousness.

Bruce Greyson is a coauthor of The Irreducible Mind, a landmark work of continuing importance to consciousness research.