Ghosts III, Julia’s Techniques for Liberating Ghosts

I am going to share with you how I work with ghosts. In the next Ghost Post (IV), I will begin a series of actual ghost-liberating events. But first I want to explain the general procedures I use. I must emphasize, however, that working with ghosts can lead to some pretty uncomfortable situations. I do not recommend that you try these procedures unless you really know what you are doing. Even then, you should  not try to work  with ghosts on your own. It takes a lot of confidence to liberate ghosts and a strong ability to keep their thoughts and emotions separate from your own.

I’ve done a lot of ghost-liberating in my day and love doing it.  It is one of the most fascinating aspects of psychic work. The first rule in ghost liberation is to get the ghost’s attention. Since most are in their own worlds (as explained in Ghosts I and Ghosts II) and, in any case, used to being ignored, this can take some work.  Many of those who are aware of my presence repeatedly look away, seeming to forget that someone can see them. For the most part, this reaction does not appear to be the result of constant frustration on their side to be recognized but rather their strong tendency to slip back into their own isolated universes. The nature of ghosts in general makes it difficult for them to break out of their own internal fixations. That usually means I have to keep making an effort to get them to acknowledge me. What I want is face to face contact. Once that is achieved, they can no longer assume or pretend that we are invisible to each other. When they finally do accept my presence, it signals a break in the obsessive self-absorption, which alone is a liberation of sorts. Face-to-face contact is nearly always accompanied by a palpable shift. It feels as though tumblers are falling into place, or two sets of lenses suddenly go chink chink, synchronizing their focus.  I know then that I’m “in” and that telepathy is beginning to flow. The rest usually goes very rapidly.

The next step is gaining their trust and that usually takes some demonstration of empathy, which is automatic for most people, powered by emotion and right intention. Once trust is established, I invite the ghost to enter me. It’s a little like a total embrace in which two combine.  We are then in a full telepathic lock, with two-way access to each other’s thoughts and feelings. Finally the obsessive problem that created the fragment personality in the first place has a direction outside of itself, a way out. The story pours out, dissipating its energy as it does.  In principle, it is not so very different from the torrential release of a long-buried psychological repression. With ghosts, the release is usually a tumultuous process, accompanied by jumbles of telepathically transmitted images and sounds unseen and unheard by most other spectators.  Physical effects consist mostly of impressions I feel in my own body. But sometimes other effects are perceptible, even to spectators, such as lights or black spots appearing out of nowhere, temperature changes in the air or sudden inexplicable currents, whirring or buzzing sounds, as well as electrical and electronic peculiarities. Once the full story is told, it’s my turn to communicate. Spontaneous images, feelings, thoughts, are delivered to the ghost-subject, as I continue to draw it further into my world view.

Once I have gathered up the entire fragment personality into me and sense the permission I need to proceed, I start sending it out. Most are willing to move on, riding on the wholly new experience of momentum, which contrasts so starkly to the stuck nature of their former existence. The departure of the fragment personality from my upper body or the top of my head is quite often accompanied by lights. When it is up and out, I make every effort to guide it in the direction of full liberation. When the ghost-personality turns his or her attention to the other side, there is seldom reluctance to go on. If you really look at it, it’s a matter of changing focus, as is truthfully everything in whatever dimension we happen to inhabit. First the obsessive focus on their personal story is broken by turning their attention on me, then their focus is turned on releasing the ghost from this plane, and lastly on a whole new direction, a future in dimensions outside the trap, where real development is finally possible.