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  1. Dana
    2012-11-21 @ 10:15 PM

    This is the first & only explination of Ghosts that has made sense to me.

    Now, could I talk to my Mom?

    • Julia
      2012-11-23 @ 4:53 AM

      There is absolutely nothing to stop you! Talk to her. And thanks so much for the compliment.

    • Lynne
      2013-07-26 @ 4:21 AM

      I agree!!! Thanks for this explanation!

  2. Diane J Squire
    2012-12-12 @ 12:40 AM


    About halfway through reading your book, took a break to check out your site, and my eye caught the sentence, “She is furthermore active in liberating ghosts.”

    Since it’s something I also do, (very psychic with spaces and places), was interested in reading more on the specific “ways” in which you help out.


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