The Role of Energy Vibration in Perception, Thought, and the Creation of Reality

Everything is energy in vibration, including your body and the chair you are sitting on. Everything is in constant motion. As you will learn in this video, all so-called physical perception of all creatures is nothing more than a translation of non-physical vibration. Although the video does not say so, these translations arrive as electrical impulses in the brain that then interprets them as sensations (sight, sound, touch, etc.) of the physical senses. Each creature, each person, translates those vibrations differently. Through telepathy, we make general agreements on how the vibrations of a certain segment of atoms and molecules should look, for instance, a chair or even a person.

The end of this video shows instruments that measure the surprisingly strong energy of human thought. Like all energy, our thoughts radiate out in the universe at certain speeds of vibration, aggregating with like vibrations and intensities. They also create hormonal and electrical by-products, which are the building blocks for the construction of matter.  What the video does not address is consciousness, the underlying element of all energy, of every atom and molecule, animate or inanimate. Still, it carries a solid, scientifically sound message about the nature of reality.