Quantum Physics and Consciousness

Amit Goswami is one of the few physicists who sees an absolute relationship between the hard science of quantum mechanics and consciousness. For him, consciousness comes first but can be described by quantum mechanics in terms of “entanglement,” a scientific finding that indicates we are all one, all connected. For him, consciousness is the fundamental building block of reality. He is one of the most beloved scientist of many body/mind/spirit luminaries, such as Deepak Chopra.  As with more scientists than we realize, his understanding (and Chopra’s too) is highly informed by the Seth material. Still, his interpretation of Seth’s “You Create Your Own Reality” is a little off. He says, for instance, in Part Two, that we have to meditate before we create our own reality, when he really means, we have to go deep in in order to consciously direct our creation of reality.

It is refreshing to see the efforts made in physics, biology, and several others fields to bring consciousness studies under the rubric of science. And Goswami does say that there is now a new generation of scientists who are doing just that. In time I suspect that science will have to be put under the rubric of consciousness studies, where it squarely belongs!


Below are Parts One, Two and Three of Goswami’s interview. .