Remote Viewing and Quantum Physics

Courtney Brown, PhD, explains the physics behind remote viewing. Remote viewing is a technique that enables people to perceive objects, events, and locations anywhere in space and time. Perception occurs regardless of distance in space and regardless of whether the object or event existed in the past, the present, or the future. Primarily for military reasons, governments throughout the world have employed people who exhibit advanced, accurate use of this ability. There are a number of books out written by ex-government remote viewers that describe what they were expected to do. Generally, remote viewers working for governments in the West, such as the US and Great Britain, were kept hidden from more mainstream branches of the military. Hence, their living conditions were the very opposite of glamorous.

Despite all the mystery that has surrounding this ability, nearly anyone can be trained to remote view. I routinely train people in my workshops.

A link to Brown’s Farsight Institute, dedicated to remote viewing, can be found on the blogroll. In this video, he focuses on how remote viewing can be understood at a quantum level of activity.