The Life Review: A Lesson from the Light, with Kenneth Ring

Life reviews have been known to occur in many situations when a person’s is bodily threatened. Episodes of drowning often include life reviews as do accidents in general. Many years ago, I had one myself as a passenger while the car I was in was heading into a massive collision. We know when life reviews take place because, like myself, people survive to tell us. The same is true for what is perhaps the best known circumstance for experiencing a life review, a near-death experience. As in other life-threatening situations, the near-death experience life review seems to play a role in the decision process of whether to live or to die. Despite claims in the literature that all after-death states include life reviews, the truth is that many people who have crossed to the other side don’t have them. We know this from afterlife encounters. In extreme cases some people are even unaware that they have died.

Studying life reviews gives us a great deal to think about. In The Last Frontier I describe how time is experienced during a life review, for instance, as events preserving sequential time but contained in nontime. What I mean by this is that all of a person’s life events rise into awareness with a semblance of time sequence, although the order can go from the present to past rather than the past to the present. And some life reviews include events in the future. But what is extraordinary about life reviews in regard to time is that all these seemingly sequential time events are actually experienced simultaneously.

Dr. Kenneth Ring, near-death experience researcher and author of Lessons from the Light, speaks in the video below about an aspect of life reviews that has not received the attention it deserves. Not only is time simultaneous in life reviews but experience can be too. King relates the remarkable account of one man who, while reviewing a moment in his life when he physically attacked someone, simultaneously experienced in gruesome detail the physical sensations of his victim.  For Ring and myself, such instances of empathic simultaneity–and many have been reported–indicate that at the deepest level of existence, we are all one. If you hurt someone else, you are also hurting yourself. If you help someone else, you are also helping yourself. If we can just learn this one simple lesson from the light, we will transform our world.