Dean Radin on Non-Dual Consciousness

The wonder of listening to Dean Radin’s interviews is that the information he unfailingly delivers is both fascinating and important. Radin, senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, is one of the best psi researchers in the world, with an enormous range of knowledge. In this video, he tells us about the measurable brain differences in people who are highly developed in “Non-Dual” meditation, a form of meditation that systematically eliminates dualities, such as you versus me, black versus white (a subject I have written about in The Last Frontier). In ancient Hindu tradition, meditation eventually leads to acquiring siddhi‘s, or “magical powers.” These powers, of which there are roughly 25, go well beyond what western intuitives typically exhibit. One of the siddhi‘s Radin studies is the experience of what I call the spacious moment, that moment when time stops and all things are experienced as existing at once.

So, here is Dean…