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  1. Jeanette M. Curie
    2013-05-20 @ 7:21 AM

    I glanced thru this article just now. I am indeed very skeptical of anyone who say’s they speak to the dead, really quite the trickery you people use. I am not a arrogant person at all and I am very creative, it seemed to me you are trying very hard to use the words skeptic/arrogant person together as one. It is not the right way to come at this. You must understand once a person has died, their souls do leave this earth and they tend toward God and heaven, why in heavens name would a dead persons soul want to walk around and converse with anyone here, they are in a much, happier place, I cannot see any reason they would have to come to anyone with secrets whispered in a loved ones ears, or contact you. Their souls have never met you. Why would they suddenly choose you to relay back to another person things that they might say? Your story makes no sense, as usual, only more psycho babble, pure nonsense and worst of all, you can really hurt someone by pretending some ghost is standing over your head and speaking only to you, and you relay the message. It is a cruel hoax you perpetrate on people in grief and I should say you ought to be ashamed of your self!!!

    • Julia
      2013-05-22 @ 8:01 PM

      The comment above refers to the guest blog post by August Goforth. August will respond to this comment himself. In the meantime, he has sent a response from his deceased co-author, Tim, which I am posting here on his behalf.

      “Not to be unkind, but a totally dismissive response to something that one
      only ‘glanced thru’ appears to be itself arrogant, and so insufficient to
      warrant much more response than the minimum of acknowledgement.”

  2. August Goforth
    2013-05-22 @ 9:05 PM

    While I do agree with Tim, who is typically brief, I thank you for at least glancing through the article, which consists of the ideas of two different but deeply spiritual people, and then some of mine, which surely you at least noticed. You have many questions: where do such questions come from, and why do you have such questions? It sounds as if you have arrived at some answers, but still waiting for more. I generally tend to encourage everyone to go within and find the answers that feel best for them, at the current time. If you maintain a certain kind of skeptical viewpoint, hopefully you will have a good understanding of why that is so, and why it works for you. There are increasing resources on the subject of physical mediumship; don’t be afraid to read about them and explore.

  3. elina
    2013-07-08 @ 6:14 AM

    Whether Jeanette read the article carefully, or glanced through, is not the point, she asked a valid question which I am sure many people would also ask, myself included, (I read the article through twice, not merely glanced at it) and that question was not answered. Personally, I would love to hear your answer. I am one of those skeptics who questions and reads as much as possible because, although I would love to believe, I have great difficulty in accepting these things as truth. Why would this soul, whom you have never met, choose you to communicate through? Why would they not communicate directly with their loved ones? And my question is, I have read a lot about mediums and souls supposedly communicating with their loved ones, why is the communication always so trivial? I would think the other side would have incredibly deep and rich ideas to share, rather than the trivia often relayed as communication.

    • Julia
      2013-07-08 @ 10:17 AM

      Elina, these are great questions. First of all, the departed do try to reach their living loved ones. The problem is how unaware we are of it. That’s one of the things my book tries to correct. I try very hard to help people become aware of the signs that someone from the other side is trying to get through, and how to turn those signs into two-way communication. We all have that capacity. It’s inborn.

      Second, the dead don’t just come through mediums. They will come through anyone who is open, family members, friends, etc. In my work, I make sure that the surviving person makes contact directly, not just through me. However, mediums are like high-tech radios that pick up much more than people who are relatively shut down. So your question is a little like asking, why should music or a particular radio show come through a specific radio? The answer is, because that radio is plugged in and turned on!

      As we become accustomed to the fact of after-death communication, more and more people will have the experience. And the experience will become deeper. The trivial stuff is a time factor, and, I agree, a big problem. When I do mediumship, it is never trivial. It has depth and scope. I ask people to ask the dead difficult questions, and the dead respond. Each time it is a surprise to me too. I never see what I expect.

      People who work with me have physical experiences while it’s happening, namely this tingling I write about in the book. Believers or nonbelievers cannot deny that something real has taken place. It can and does change lives. It can and does reorganize us.

      Keep those questions coming!


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