What are poltergeists? In almost all cases, poltergeist phenomena occur around troubled children usually when they are going through the hormonal chaos of puberty. What is remarkable about poltergeists is that they demonstrate the innate power of human beings to affect matter from afar. And big, heavy chunks of matter too, like moving sofas or throwing over cabinets! I’ve seen a sugar bowl move from the dining room table onto the kitchen counter. Unfortunately this power is rarely demonstrated in constructive ways but seems to arise as a result of repression and tremendous unconscious conflict in youths. The sense of poltergeist phenomena as sinister and aggressive comes from the dark side of the child that the child is repressing. For more on this, see my post under “Ghosts.”

In the meantime, enjoy the video, part 1 of 7, on poltergeist activity in England—Where else? And note that the phenomena seems to stem from a pubescent child!