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  1. Michael Pinkerton
    2012-11-11 @ 5:07 AM

    I don’t quite understand the second ghost. Was she an emotionally repressed part of the owner?

    • Julia
      2012-11-11 @ 4:57 PM

      Thanks for your interest, Michael. The second ghost was not a repressed part of the crying woman but rather a complex of emotions so strong that they became independent of her, their creator, and perceptible even many years later.

  2. Kris
    2012-11-28 @ 5:58 AM

    I have a question about why souls dont go to heaven or to the light and they choose to stay in whatever dimension they are in? Do the ghosts know our thoughts? What do you think? Thank you for sharing!

  3. David Stettler
    2013-02-11 @ 8:01 AM

    Hi, bought your book “The Last Frontier” while out today and here I am. My question: the second “ghost.” Should I assume it had no soul. That it was just a recording left on reality? But everything you say about it gives it parity with the first ghost, which does appear to be the soul of the dead woman. A science fiction book I read calls demons the “neverborn” because, well, they were never actually physically born. With a hint that they are really just left over thoughts and emotions and not really seperate consciousness, sort of a simulcra. Anyway, that second ghost isn’t just negative emotions if it is rolling around and tears are coming down it’s cheeks. OK, is it self aware and thinking/feeling/suffering, just like the “original” one floor away? It seems pretty intolerable that we are creating suffering conscious beings spun off from our core. Or are you kidding about “the eyes swollen from weeping.”  What the hell is that thing?  Anyway you seem to be calling two entirely different things “ghosts” and I don’t get it. Any help?

    • Julia
      2013-04-08 @ 7:11 AM

      The problem is the word “ghost.” There are many degrees of thought forms, one being who you are, largely a thought form projection from your super consciousness. Ghosts are in principle the same. Thoughts of all types are consciousness, and they live on, especially the stronger ones. Just as you live on. If you think about it, splitting off those portions of the self that are unwanted or intolerable is quite economical. You drop off the parts of you that inhibit constructive growth and self-fulfillment. That in turn allows you to create more constructive thoughts that lead to self-fulfillment. Such a process diminishes the unwanted, unproductive thoughts and beliefs in the universe.

  4. Michael Enevoldsen
    2013-06-11 @ 10:42 AM

    This is really interesting! I wonder what happens to such thought forms once they are liberated and move on? Will they continue and evolve and grow in some way or will they cease to exist? It’s very intriguing to ponder that they may actually continue in the universe as sentient consciousness I think.

    • Julia
      2013-06-11 @ 1:13 PM

      Michael, the truth is we are not much more than thought forms ourselves. There is almost no matter in the human body, perhaps the equivalent of a microscopic dot and a small one at that. Thoughts, if powerful enough, do continue. In fact, they aggregate, grow and have a life of their own. They also appear in other realities, sometimes as objects, say a book you wanted to write appears as a book in another adjacent reality. We live in an extraordinarily rich and complex universe. Everything is important! Stay in touch, Julia

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