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  1. Roger L.Sieg
    2012-11-23 @ 7:35 PM

    I know that eternal life is continuous. I live it every day.

  2. Keith Johnson
    2012-12-01 @ 3:33 PM

    Hi Julia,

    Really neat interview! I totally concur with the notion of stress inducing spiritual communications. I know from experience. I suffered a temporal lobe injury in 1995. Things went downhill immediately afterwards. I experienced things that left me thinking I was crazy, though I was of clear mind. My neuroligist informed me that damage to the temporal lobe can often produce hallucinations. I bought into that for awhile when he doped me up on anti-convulsants to the point of making me feel half dead, myself. But the “problem” continues to this day. The medicine didn’t help. I’ve told him that those around me witness things move on their own, have heard spirits speak (which absolutely freaks them out) and so on. Amazing things! Like I said, I have many, many witness’ to testify to many of these encounters. I’m not a ‘ghost-buster’ and don’t go looking for them, but they find me anyway.

    I’ve had a memory problem and trouble dealing with stress since the injury. Stress depletes my memory extensively, which is of great concern. I experience the spirits much, much more when I am stressed. Before I married my wife, I spent 3 years literally on the edge of homelessnes if it were not for the wonderful parents I have. They also believe (father is methodist minister, mother is nurse and have seen and felt them in their lines of work many times). My wife had never experienced anything like it until we married.

    On an unrelated note, I am a life-long musician of many instruments. Since the injury, I have synethesia. Its a condition where I often see, hear and can feel the texture of music. Amazing gift that definitely helps while writing and composing my music!

    There are SO many amazing experiences that much of society refuses to acknowledge, and they miss out. Sometimes I am startled by it, a little unsettled, but God has given me this ability and I will eventually figure out what to do with it! lol!  I will get your book without hesitation on my next trip to the city. I am put more at ease in great part due to your education experiences, as well. Thank you for your work..


    • Julia
      2012-12-03 @ 5:57 PM

      Keith, What an exciting history! I am floored by your abilities. Thanks so so much for writing it all out for me. Your synethesia is fabulous and approximates what I have learned from those who have passed who are working with music. Art, of course, has those dimensions and textures too. In my workshops I make every effort to encourage synethetic use of what I call the inner senses. And what we do here or what we do on the other side has a tendency to bleed into other dimensions. And it inspires! So kudos to you Keith. I hope we manage to stay in touch. And I do look forward to your reaction to The Last Frontier. Where are you by the way?

      • Keith Johnson
        2012-12-27 @ 8:10 AM


        I live in central Indiana, in a mid-size town. Have lived in many states over the years, but eventually, I wound up “back home in Indiana,” as the old song goes. 🙂

        I, too, think that what we do here is key to what we’ll be doing in the afterlife… or my afterlife is travelling back into its past to influence my present for God’s reasons, whatever they may be!


        • Julia
          2012-12-27 @ 11:29 PM

          Keith, I just LOVE the way you think! And you are so right!


  3. Jay
    2012-12-25 @ 8:51 AM

    I am a 56 year old female.  What you have said about the importance of after-death communication with respect to the alleviation of grief has been my truth.  Less than 2 years ago, I experienced the sudden transition by murder of my only child, a young, thriving man of 18 years old.  We shared a home and a normal, loving life with much for which to be grateful.  I was devastated by both the suddenness and circumstances of his passing, the implications for my own future, the loss of hopes and dreams and most of all, the lack of credible information concerning the fatal attack on my only child while he was acting in the role of a peacemaker.

    The deaths of my beloved grandmother 37 years earlier, my father less than 2 years earlier and a host of relatives and friends in-between all taken together did not have as severe an impact on my life as had the death of my son in the early spring of 2011.  I simply did not know what hit me.  Roughly 6 weeks after having laid his physical remains to rest and at the urging of acquaintances (who have now become friends), I  reluctantly attended a gallery reading by a well-known psychic who had come to our city for the very first time.  Please understand that I had never before in my life given psychics a passing thought, far less a second thought.  I knew nothing about that area of endeavor, had never watched a television show on the subject and was not even curious.  For me, dead was dead and that was that.  Two-thirds of the way in to the evening, the psychic honed in on me, much to my horror.  I benefited from an incredible reading which went on almost to the end of the evening.   My son, who in his earthly life, was a great communicator and a talented writer ‘left no stone unturned’.  He came through with meaningful validations and most importantly for me, with information concerning the future progress of the investigation into his death.  He assured me that I was not to concern myself unduly with what had happened and that he will be with me always and ever.  I almost literally staggered home that evening and was incredulous for days.  From that night onwards up to this day, my life has been remarkable in terms of my personal progress and my will to get on with my life in the wake of what was threatening to be a total game-changer.  I have not involuntarily lost a night’s sleep since.   Well, it was a game-changer for me but not in the way I had expected when homicide detectives rang my doorbell at midnight to tell me of my son’s death.

    I have become an experiential believer in the existence of the afterlife.  My experiences are small and almost too insignificant to convince others, nonetheless I believe.  I live in Canada and I attended the 2012 annual afterlife conference in Virginia Beach where I met Terri Daniel and so many wonderful people.  There, I shared experiences, found resources and got support that I had never imagined existed.  I later spent an amazing 5 days in the village of Lily Dale, NY this past summer.  Will I be getting your book?  Yes.   Do I plan to attend the Third Annual Afterlife Conference?  A resounding Yes.  I am now so much more  conscious, centered and at peace despite my huge loss, that those who know me and my son are continually amazed.   I am now able to see glimmers of the path before me as an adventure of life that will end in a transition that will likely be as interesting as the life which preceded it.  My fervent wish for myself is a long and fulfilling life.  Thank you for your work, Julia, and for the singular dedication and sacrifice that you must have brought to it over so many years.  It is one of the key needs of our world and a gift to us all.  This, I believe.


    • Julia
      2012-12-27 @ 4:18 AM

      Jay, thank you so much for writing out this material for me and for other readers. Nothing could be harder than to lose one’s only child through murder. What you have done with it is nothing short of miraculous. I cannot praise you enough. I encourage you to teach people how to overcome extraordinary grief. Your story will mean so much to so many people.

      Please stay in touch. And many hugs coming your way,


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