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  1. Jurgen
    2014-01-27 @ 12:36 AM

    Thanks Julia. I kept a journal during my retreat up in Scotland and I am glad I did. I chronicled every meditation, including my dreams and one significant out of body experience. I also gained a very panoramic view of the future, first a few decades from where we are now, the a few millennia, although I am very critical about this. The main issue was a couple of very profound experiences towards the end. Rather than experiencing it with my eyes closed as during meditation, i had my eyes wide open, a repeat of my experience recorded in my book in 1972, but much more.

    I put the journals out into book form. I thought it might be of interest to people studying consciousness:

  2. Mark Hobbs
    2014-01-27 @ 5:01 AM

    Hi Julia,
    Lovely thoughts Jurgen. I too have on occasion experienced similar, but in all honesty much briefer states to the extended experience that you describe. It must have been a most wonderful week and beyond.
    I remember parking my car near a huge tree in a park last year and relaxing/meditating for 30 minutes or so. As I emerged from the meditative state and opened my eyes I observed that the interaction of the wind and the swaying high branches of the tree had seemingly changed. The very atmosphere itself had also changed and somehow felt more alive and conscious. What I usually would consider to be the random cause and effect interaction between the wind and the branches had somehow altered in perception. It now appeared more like a perfect, exquisitely choreographed dance. The tree and the wind were interacting is if they were the one thing. Flowing and swaying together in perfect harmony. In my case I didn’t perceive it as a repeating pattern as such, but then again my time of observation on this occasion was exceedingly brief by comparison to Jurgen’s.
    There was no sense of learning or lesson in this experience. Only the realisation that all is interconnected and flows in perfect integration, happening as it is intended to do so.
    I had for a short period entered an experience that I believe already exists concurrently, just beyond my normal “going about life” level of perception. Sadly, the experience was brief and I soon slipped back into my usual state of consciousness.
    So why then is it (seemingly) so elusive to experience life in this enhanced euphoric way on a more regular or even ongoing basis?
    I believe Jürgen’s point about “gobbling up beliefs and considering them to be truths” cut’s right to the heart of it.
    It has much to do with the fact that for the most part we cannot perceive and therefore cannot experience what we are not currently a vibrational match to. The beliefs and definitions we come to hold as true on earth about who we really are, and how reality is constructed, are energetic vibrational patterns that manifest and reflect back experiences of equivalent vibrational value (our personal reality). They are experiences that at some level, according to our beliefs and definitions, we have chosen to believe are within the appropriate range of options available for us to experience in our current lives.
    Ideas entertained or taught that ultimately crystalize into beliefs such as, I am personally inferior (or for that matter superior), less than perfect, separate from, unworthy to, fearful of, isolated from, lacking in, rejected by, rightly judged by or rightly Judgemental of etc., etc., vibrate at very different and slower frequencies than higher vibrational beliefs like, I am unconditionally loving of myself and others, I am trusting that life will unfold exactly as it should, I am not judgmental or making the choices and opinions of others invalid, I am always free to fearlessly follow my heart, I am not needing to change others to accept my own beliefs as their truth, I encourage them to seek after their own etc., etc.
    The former set of beliefs are restrictive , imprisoning, controlling, demeaning and isolating and do not resonate with who we truly are at all. None the less we are free to choose them as experiences.
    The latter set are expansive, freeing, joyous, unconditionally loving and integrative. As such they more closely reflect the truth of who we truly are and are also available to be chosen as experiences.
    Our beliefs and our definitions of how reality is supposed to manifest in our lives vibrate out from us continually and the experiences mirrored back to us confirm those beliefs. However the experiences we do not prefer or enjoy can’t be changed by trying to manipulate the reality being reflected back. It can’t be done in a sustainable way.
    For example, If we remove ourselves from experiencing a certain type of person who presses our buttons, another one only shows up to replace them until we look into and change the belief or definition that we hold that is sustaining the sequence of unwanted experience. (hope I’m not playing that role for you Julia, LOL). The experience only changes positively when the limiting belief or definition that creates it changes to one of a higher (more enlightened, more loving) frequency.
    True enough, the desired change often doesn’t manifest as instantly as we would like in the density of physical reality, but if we have truly made the internal change we will quickly notice ourselves responding differently and feeling better. At exactly the right time the undesired, person or event will either leave our experience or change profoundly.
    I believe evolution is not the task we have set ourselves here . Rather it is, if we so choose, to remember the complete perfection that we truly are and have more of that reflected back to us in our current lives as experience. Some choose this option and others do not. Some are more willing to detach from the drama of their current human ‘story’ than others. None the less, all choices in this regard are equally valid and equally valued by All that is. Their is no pass or fail here. No right or wrong, no greater or lesser choices made. All that is embraces and includes all experiences chosen with equal love and as being of equal value. Even those choices that you or I could not conceive of choosing as an experience.
    To bring these thoughts together I would say that all other infinite, parallel dimensional experiences connected to our current personal reality remain ever present. As we adjust our beliefs and definitions our ability to access the beauty of the higher dimensions opens up before us.
    When we come to think, believe, feel and operate at a higher vibrational frequency that which was previously invisible to us comes into our awareness as a range of options to be explored. if we so choose.

    Mark Hobbs

  3. Ellsworth
    2014-01-27 @ 6:38 AM

    Every time I read your posts or book, I feel as though the train has left the station. I have my ticket to ride, I just got there too late. Now I am running desperately trying to catch up. Along with your mediumship abilities, you are shedding light on a reality which many of us forget at birth. Thank you for your quest and your honesty. You have enriched the lives of many. Certainly mine.


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