Morgan Freeman beautifully narrates various ways the question of life after death can be explored, mostly from scientific points of view. The views range anywhere from convinced to hostile. To my thinking much of how science goes about trying to locate consciousness or the soul demonstrates a stubborn and wholly counterproductive materialist tendency. There are so many ways to prove life after death with the technology we already have. Instead scientists create elaborate research programs such as making “hybrots,” robots that combine living rat brain tissue with electronics, in an effort to delineate consciousness or comparing neuron firing patterns when people are awake and asleep. If Near Death Experiences are telling us anything, it is that consciousness does not reside in the brain any more than the USS Enterprise resides in your TV set. Neurons will never lead us to any real answers but the study of neurons for any reason has kept bread on the table of many a researcher.

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Meanwhile it’s worth looking at the video from Through the Wormhole to get an idea of the many directions this ultimate question is taking us. And Morgan Freeman is at his dignified best. Sadly he is now overcome by Alzheimer’s.