Ancient Civilizations, The Afterlife, Communication, NDEs, and More

I wanted to post my interview with Capricorn Radio host, James Swagger, because it touches on a lot of unusual areas.  We discuss ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Israel in relation to the afterlife and after-death communication, and  the fierce comeback of after-death communication in the last decade. We touch on revolutionary frequency machines that heal on a quantum biological level versus pharmaceuticals, and on new research in near-death experiences and their cultural differences. We talk about the challenges of today’s commercial publishing and the nearly impossible tasks of authors. We then move into problems in the academic world with Psi “phenomena,” its subordination to Darwinian theory and whether Intelligent Design is viable. We finish up with how we change when we develop the Psychology of Immortality.

The host’s wide range of knowledge–he even studied the Ancient Near East!–made this interview particularly enjoyable. I hope you find it so too, and look forward to your comments.