Reincarnation: Believers vs “Science”

I’ve been looking around for some good visual material on reincarnation to post. For the time being, I’ve decided to settle on this one, not because it is well made by BBC, which it is, despite the commercial breaks, but because it enraged me! The video pits memories of past lives, and even the physical cures that came about when those memories surface into consciousness, against so-called scientific reasoning. The scientific view claims that memory cannot transfer from one body to another, especially in view of the typical age of recall, which is around 2 to 7. What astonishes me is that none of these scientists seem to be aware of the enormous amount of research published on prenatal memory, let alone reincarnation memory, in particular from the University of Virginia. None of them have done the required research to make any statements whatsoever about reincarnation and its recall. All they have done is state with great authority that such things are scientifically impossible. I grow tired of listening to “experts” that have not the slightest idea how consciousness works or any idea of its creative flexibility.

In my own life, I have remembered spontaneously over 100 past lives, one of which is actually a future life. In the case of my second-to-last past life, through a series of paranormal events I was directed to the graveside of the person I once was in a rural area of England. As a “past-life” therapist, I have personally facilitated many spontaneous cures of such things as decades-long paralysis, cancer, and many lesser cures, such as chronic cystitis. In addition to these are the enormous life problems that spontaneously disappear during past-life therapy. It is clear to me that such dramatic cures are not based in fantasy, in chance or in a subconscious desire to please the therapist/hypnotist.

The BBC producers of this video featured a few interesting incidences of recall, which are, however, vague enough to call the legitimacy of that recall into question. I wish they had added a nice case of a 10-year old all-American boy from California speaking a form of ancient Chinese. This phenomenon, called xenoglossy, is perhaps our best evidence of reincarnation as fact.

I hope this video provokes you as much as it did me. I look forward to your comments. And please feel free to posting your own past-life memories! We want to know about them too.