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  1. Hamish Macleod
    2013-11-08 @ 11:27 AM

    Science assumes memories are stored in the brain rather than the brain is a receiver of memories or consciousness.

  2. Jennifer K
    2013-11-22 @ 11:59 PM

    I have had many past-life regressions and I find them to be fascinating and helpful. In one case I was able to get enough information to find my past self on It was such a cool feeling to see the validation.

    • Julia
      2013-11-27 @ 1:04 AM

      Fantastic! This has happened to me too, not on but finding the grave of my previous life in rural England. I was helped by a dream and a dead friend of mine. I write about a number of such incidents in my book too, some quite spectacular. Well done! I can’t imagine how surprised you were that it is all true!

  3. Tyler
    2014-01-04 @ 2:02 AM

    I consider myself a spiritualist and believe in an afterlife and all that, but I don’t believe that there is any compelling evidence for reincarnation, and have different ways of considering so-called past life experiences. Nor do I believe that one needs the reincarnation hypothesis to be open minded or to accept other aspects of the afterlife. I suppose my point is that I wish alternative interpretations of the data were given as much attention by spiritualists as the reincarnation hypothesis.

    • Julia
      2014-01-04 @ 3:45 PM

      Generally, spiritualists don’t believe in reincarnation. The reason stems primarily from our misunderstanding of how reincarnation works. People who do believe in reincarnation also believe that the personality dies or is vacated to make room for the next in the next incarnation. To spiritualists, who practice after-death communication on a regular basis, the personality survives in the afterlife and is not subsumbed by the personality of the next incarnation. In that framework if you had contact with someone from the Middle Ages, for instance, you would have to conclude that that person had not reincarnated. Well, the common framework of sequential past lives is wrong, not reincarnation itself. Incarnations of one over-soul are simultaneous and many of us have incarnations of ourselves that walk the earth now too. No part of the personality ever dies.

      Reincarnation is real but it is far more complex than we now understand.

      If you want proof of reincarnation, read my chapter on incarnation in The Last Frontier.

  4. RM
    2015-01-02 @ 1:07 AM

    Dear Julia,
    I was introduced to your work by my grief counselor, who has had the pleasure of working with you and thinks very highly of you. Since, I have been reading “The Last Frontier” and have been watching your interviews. My brother passed away at the age of 27, suddenly, in a car crash 5 months ago. I have been trying to understand afterlife since. In relation to this article on reincarnation, I have two questions:
    1). Should I infer from this that if someone is to reincarnate, it can’t happen within a few days of the passing, because the soul will wait for someone in their family/friends/ immediate circle to conceive. Is that correct?
    2). Does that also mean that after a person reincarnates, and say, is a an infant or toddler, we can still continue to talk to his spirit from his past lifetime, through a medium or afterlife connections?
    Reading about the afterlife has brought me some peace at the time of my grief and I must say that all of you afterlife researchers are doing an exceptional service that is seldom recognized except by the grieving. Thank you so much!!

    • Julia
      2015-01-02 @ 11:36 AM

      RM, these are good but tough questions to answer in short. Some of what you are asking about is in The Last Frontier, that reincarnation takes place in simultaneous time. Normally, a person releases into nonlocal realities after death. Another aspect of the greater self or oversoul incarnates. That incarnation can materialize at any point in time on earth. Hence, you can have two incarnations on earth at the same time. Or two incarnations in the afterlife at the same time (actually thousands). Very rarely, a person who dies prematurely and in shock will not go into the afterlife but will reincarnate immediately. In this case, from the psyche’s point of view, the person never really died, never really changed focus away from the world of matter. So, rather than it being another aspect of the greater self that incarnates, it is the same person, the same core personality that picks up the same life in a different body. I have a few posts about this very complicated subject on this website. No one in afterlife research has put this together as yet, outside of myself. The evidence is there.

      I do not sense this scenario with your brother, by the way. I urge you to contact your brother yourself. Only then will you get the experience how alive the so-called dead are. It will only be through experience of their immortality that leads us to recognize deep down eternal life. I do help people make contact via teleconferencing, should you need it.

      In the meantime, thank you so much for your provocative questions.


      • RM
        2015-01-07 @ 9:34 PM

        Hi Julia,
        Thanks for your insight. I have communicated with my brother through a medium, so I know he has gone into the afterlife. I’m working on meditations and exercises to establish contact myself. I will reach out again if I am not successful, or if I need help.
        I am thankful for resources like yourself who are willing to guide and help.

  5. RM
    2015-01-26 @ 5:45 PM

    Hi Julia,
    I am reaching out again to ask for your help in making contact. I have read your book, but have not really tried those methods. How can you help with making contact?

    • Julia
      2015-01-28 @ 11:04 AM

      Rupeet, look at my homepage for easy instructions on how to make contact on your own. Make an effort and you will succeed. I can help you of course, but that would mean an appointment.

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