Can Out-of-Body Experiencers Enter the Afterlife?

One of the greatest out-of-body practitioners is Jurgen Ziewe, author of Multidimensional Man. Jurgen is not only highly gifted, he is also quite intelligent and refreshingly reasonable. Despite some forty years of extraordinary OOBEs, he has never exaggerated their importance in terms of spiritual development. He also insists that what he does, anyone can do. Fortunately for us, Jurgen is an extremely talented computer artist, with the means to visually capture the exotic realities he has entered. In the video below, some of them are featured. With his exceptional set of abilities, he has considerably broadened our understanding of out-of-body experiences.

A few months ago, I contacted Ziewe, because I was astonished by how similar his experiences were to mine. What most interested me was how we could both come to the same interpretations of other dimensions through such different routes, he, through out-of-body travels and I, through clairvoyance and mediumship.  Such strong correlation from two entirely different information gathering methods goes a long way to validate our perceptions. Jurgen and I do differ, however, mostly in vocabulary. For instance, he still uses higher versus lower paradigms in his descriptions of other realities, paradigms that I have heatedly disputed in The Last Frontier.

Jurgen Ziewe’s work raises important questions about interdimensionality, multidimensionality, and where our own reality fits in.  It raises questions about our current understanding of those dimensions visited in out-of-body and near-death states, about their their porosity, their interchangeability, and what constitutes their borders. In this vast range of dimensions, where do we situate the afterlife? Is the afterlife just simply one dimension among many or is it a vast array of inner dimensions, whole universes unto its own?  Should we even strive to distinguish the afterlife from all other non-physical realities?

I am sure you will find Jurgen’s presentation to be quite an eye-opener–in all senses of the term. And I do look forward to your comments.