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  1. Donya Wicken
    2014-10-05 @ 9:04 AM

    I like this video very much, especially his art work. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet but I wanted to stop and comment. Like you, I don’t relate to his paradigm of higher and lower levels. All of the out-of-body experiencers I have listened to talk in those terms. But that issue blends with another one, which is that people like him talk as if the things they see, including levels, possess some sort of permanence. But RobBen says that all the memories of things people see in PLRs and LBLs and NDEs and OBEs are being processed through our physical brains, even though the viewer may have seen the sights from outside of his body. There are energies of higher and lower frequencies but they are interpreted as people and and situations and given meaning by the viewer. Ben says that in fact the sights the seers see are only samples of the infinite numbers of possibilities that are flashing in and out of existence all the time. He compares it to seeing one frame of Gone With the Wind and believing you have seen the whole movie.
    R: I want to write. I want to tell Julia that I’m right. And I know because I live here.
    Do I have to say that?
    R: I want you to.
    Okay. (Sigh) Ben came up with this explanation when members of his Ghosty Boy group were asking about why people who have these experiences come back with memories that seem to conflict with each other’s.

    Thank you for another provocative video. I’m always poking around on your website looking for new stuff or something I might have missed.
    xo Donya
    and BenRob! 😉

  2. Donya Wicken
    2014-10-06 @ 7:42 PM

    Yes! Around 38:00 he starts describing the interaction between words and thoughts and physical reality and the seamless connection between what goes on in your mind and outside of yourself. That sounds like the Timeless Spaceless Place that Ben describes. Love it!

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