Psychics Solving Murder Cases

As we all know, police all over the United States frequently ask psychics to work behind the scenes to solve murder and missing persons cases. Psychics are known to have located corpses and to have obtained valuable information that led to capture of perpetrators. Murder victims can be overwhelmingly strong and insistent communicators from the other side, if the wrong person was accused of the crime or the criminal had not yet been caught. I have seen the murdered dead appear out of their pictures and out of images featured in TV news releases concerning their deaths or their missing statuses.

Sadly, the crucial help that psychics give usually goes unacknowledged by the police force. Or, it is ridiculed. In the case of Etta Smith, who located a body of a murdered woman by remote viewing, the situation was far worse than ridicule. Because Etta knew where the body was, the police accused her of the crime and put her in jail.

Here is a short video of Etta’s story: