Overcoming Grief with After-Death Communication

Living Relationships with the Deceased: Overcoming Grief with After-Death Communication

Below is a 45 minute recording of the talk I gave at the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), last Sept, 2013, in Washington DC. The focus is how to conquer grief after the death of a loved one, particularly by suicide. Most of what we understand as grief does not properly belong to it, such as helplessness and despair. The reasons can be attributed to the fear of death, mistaken beliefs, and unresolved issues with the departed. After-death communication can instantly eliminate these as well as a host of other unwanted emotions (anger, guilt, obsessiveness, feelings of abandonment, etc.) that complicate grief. We are then left with just plain, honest grief, which is characteristically sharp, deep, and mercifully short-lived. Although plain grief is still painful, it often pushes us onto a thrilling path of discovery, revealing the real nature of life and death along the way.