Soldiers and Veterens, You Can Recover from PTSD

The fastest way to recover from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related to a death is to communicate with the dead person involved. The second fastest way is to go into regression therapy and relive the events that caused your PTSD. For either therapy, there are plenty of trained therapist out there eager to help you.

Alan Botkin is the founder of Induced After-death Communication Therapy. This therapy uses a special, easy technique to put you into direct contact with the departed person you need to meet. It is now practiced all over the US and Europe. Look it up on the internet by clicking here to find a therapist near you. Induced After-death Communication Therapy has been known to clear up PTSD even for Vietnam vets who have suffered from persistent, brutal intrusive visions, nightmares, depression, and suicide longings for decades. And it can clear it up in a matter of one or two sessions.

Regression therapy, hypnotherapy or past-life therapy, which are all largely the same, can also clear up these war-related agonies. These therapies, however, are not designed to put you in contact with the departed. Rather, they have you relive the event so that the unconscious content that you are trying to repress comes into the light and is known. Once that happens, the symptoms will stop. The symptoms are there to alert you that there is something you need to look at, something you need to work through that you cannot consciously face.

I urge you to consider going into one of these therapies. You can have your life back again. You can get rid of the guilt, the grief, the sorrow, the pain, the horror, and the fear.

In the video below, you will hear real-life testimonies from just a few veterans who have healed their traumas using these therapies.

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