Questions of Engagement

One of the things authors have to do is think about the questions people might ask when they are speaking before a group. I have prepared what I think might be typical questions, some of which I’m posting here. I’m NOT giving you the answers I would give. What I want is for YOU to give ME the answers. Of course, you don’t have to answer all of them. Just one that interests you or something you’ve been thinking about. And if you have any questions not listed here you think are relevant, let me know. There is no need to repeat the entire question in the comment box. Just write in what number the question is. Here goes…

1. Isn’t thinking about death unhealthy and depressing?

2. Isn’t fear of death normal? Isn’t survival our strongest instinct?

3. Why should we worry about the afterlife? We’ll find out soon enough.

4. If there were life after death, wouldn’t science have discovered it by now?

5. If everyone is forgiven for their sins in the afterlife, what motivation do we have to be good now? Why don’t we just commit crimes or kill each other?

6. How can you be sure that heaven and hell don’t exist? Isn’t that what the Bible teaches us?

7. What happens to people who commit suicide?

8. In your book, you claim that we choose when we die. But who really wants to die?

9. How can I overcome my grief?

10. If there were such a thing as reincarnation, then why don’t we remember our past lives?

11. How do we know that afterdeath communication is not just wishful thinking or fantasy?

12. Isn’t communicating with the dead dangerous?

13. I hated my father/mother/brother and was happy when he died. If he shows up do I have to communicate with him?