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  1. Julia
    2015-10-04 @ 11:30 AM

    Carlos, I agree with everything you’ve written except one point. Many of us who work professionally have worked directly with people who committed suicide. I am one of them. And I will say, that for the most part, they really regret doing it. Other than that, you are right–expectation plays the biggest role in what happens.

  2. Dave Montague
    2015-10-14 @ 11:07 PM

    The overall tone of the posts above suggest people are making conscious decisions to commit suicide. I want to be clear, people who commit suicide are beyond a pain threshold none of us could even imagine. To even assume that someone is going to commit suicide much like taking a trip, is beyond ludicrous. Dr Michael Newton has a very book on the afterlife and I have really come to subscribe to his findings. I believe he has reset the foundational construct from which I previously viewed the afterlife. Losing my Son has forced me to really look for the answers out of my deepest concern for his whereabouts.

    • Julia
      2015-10-15 @ 10:41 AM

      Although many people do make a conscious decision, others commit suicide spontaneously, or “by accident,” as is the case with many drug overdoses. Frequently, especially with young men, they don’t know what the real reasons were for doing it, at least not immediately. I’m sorry to say that Newton’s version of the afterlife is extremely flawed and would only apply to a certain mindset among Americans.

  3. Dave Montague
    2015-10-15 @ 2:35 PM


    You said:
    “I’m sorry to say that Newton’s version of the afterlife is extremely flawed and would only apply to a certain mindset among Americans.”

    Newton’s versions were stories from people who related their experiences to him through past life regression therapy… as you already know. I am not sure how it could be “extremely” flawed. I have watched over 1000 near death experience videos on youtube and for the most part, these experiences have much in common with what Newton has written. Newtons experiences, in my opinion, were written in English so that might be their only appeal to Americans. I have a split belief that when people leave this earth they travel far away. People, in almost every case, are drawn through a tunnel and leave this physical domain. I know in your experience you claim to be able to channel these energies beyond the grave. What if that’s what you have created because that is what you believe? I am beginning to think our experiences are tied to what we believe and the fact we have some “global order” is because we live in a shared consensus reality. All of us have agreed on this reality. I have come to believe that this life is simply a evolutionary path and the purpose is to survive… if we can do that peacefully then great. I see no reason for coming here to earth for 80 years and walking away with valuable eternal lessons. I think of the over one million women and children slaughtered in the Congo and ask myself; what’s their lesson?

    I was better off in the box of religion “ignorance is bliss”. But my perspective now is vastly different and I am at a point where I question everything.

    • Julia
      2015-11-24 @ 2:59 PM

      Dear Dave, First, forgive me for not answering you sooner. Our purpose is not to survive. That’s an old Darwinian idea or, worse, Neo-Darwinian materialism speaking. Our purpose is to experience and create, to fulfill ourselves in the deepest sense. About Newton, he hypnotizes his subjects and then he leads them into experiences that he telepathically or verbally manipulates. I know how easy it is to do that because I work with people constantly in regression/past-life therapy. I want to mention too that the famed tunnel experience is very rare and has not been attested in the few studies from other countries, such as India. What is promoted as a Near-Death Experience is always the positive sort, and even they have been so standardized they can no longer be believed. Many NDEs are negative, even horrifying. They say very little about the so-called afterlife but much more about a person’s state of mind or deepest fears or deepest hopes. Still they do convey the magic of nonlocal realities. I am certain by now that the “Being of Light”–a being whose appearance is also quite rare in the overall picture of NDEs, is in fact our oversoul.

      Lastly, I want to impress on you that there is no one way a person goes after death. Each person is different, each surprising, even for suicides. It is this element of surprise, of the unexpected, that makes me certain communication is genuine. Otherwise, it would have the predictability of false models, such as Newton’s.


  4. Wilma James
    2016-04-09 @ 11:57 PM

    This article was very disturbing and made my stomach churn. It seems like the typical judgemental negative societal script about suicide. I find it hurtful wrong and offensive. I was going to subscribe to this site but no longer will do so.

    • Julia
      2016-05-10 @ 9:13 PM

      Dear Wilma, There is no subscription to this site! And I cannot change what the dead say about suicide. I’ve worked with so very many people–mostly young men–after their suicides and they are almost always miserable after death or in shock at the violence they have done to themselves. Many of them don’t have any clear idea of why they did it.

      In my book I write about our society’s attitude toward suicide and do know how different it can be in other societies (Japan, ancient Rome, etc). There are also situations where suicide is a “positive step”. But mostly suicide is a poor solution to life’s temporary problems. Crossing over in such a hopeless state of mind doesn’t help either.



  5. Maggie miller
    2016-05-10 @ 2:09 AM

    I just lost my son 4 weeks ago to suicide he was 13. He did it impulsively. I started questioning my faith a couple years ago the bible scared me. Now I’m reading stuff about reincarnation and that scares me. I talked to a medium she said he crossed over. But I’m not completely sure if all the things she said she didn’t find on Facebook and news paper. I think I need like a specific question that only he would know. I just don’t know where he’s at or what to believe

    • Julia
      2016-05-10 @ 8:55 PM

      Maggie, I’m so sorry. You must be in agony. Your best bet really is contacting your son yourself. I give how-to tips on my homepage (at the bottom of the page) and more extensively in my book. Direct contact is much better than going through a medium. In fact, I work with people all over the world as a medium but with the aim that they have the experience. Alternatively, you can go to an Induced After-death Communication Therapist, a person trained for you to make direct contact as well. We live in an age where doing something is possible!

      Try working on your own. Let me know what happens.

      Again, I am so so sorry for your pain.


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