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  1. cindy
    2014-10-04 @ 11:44 AM

    I worked for hospice in my town and saw the very things you are talking about. Also I was with both of my father’s when they passed over and they both saw and were waiting for someone to come get them. My dad told me “she” was going to Japan, California and would be in TX on Monday morning to take him. He died on Monday morning. He also told us his stepdaughter who didn’t know he was sick and hadn’t been seen by the family for five years would be there when he died. She showed up at midnight the nite he died totally unaware of his being sick and passing. When you experience these things you can’t deny them. My step father had a stroke 8 yrs before he passed aND was unable to speak. The day before he died just he and I were home when he suddenly sat up and started telling me all about his life in complete sentences as clear as I could speak. I listened and we told each other we loved each other. He laid down and the process of dying started by 2am he was gone..No way to not believe in a Higher power after that experience

    • Josie Varga
      2015-12-11 @ 3:31 PM

      Hi, Cindy, Thank you for sharing your story. You are so right, there is no way not to believe after an experience like that. I’ve seen it happen many times and am, in fact, working on my latest book, Deathbed Visits. I would love to chat with you about your experience. Many thanks!

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