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  1. wesley
    2013-04-27 @ 1:57 AM

    I am glad to have found your site as I have always been interested in anything about the soul and much more. To me the evidence is overwhelming that we do indeed have a soul. The truth is beyond our wildest imagination. Dr. Steven Greer of the Discloserproject has another site run by a person named Kosta it is etletstalk. Thousands of groups go out into a peaceful place to meditate (using meditation techniques taught by Greer) to reach a higher state of consciousness. They actually make contact with alien life either on another planet or from another dimension. I have read that there are those from a long time ago who have known that we humans are capable of reaching this higher state. The ability was suppressed as it would have given too much power to people and the powers that be would not be able to control the masses. All media are propaganda dispensers, controlled by some very powerful people. But now there are some like you who are brave in the face of adversity and ridicule and wish the truth to be known.There is a new university that teaches these meditation techniques, as mentioned in this article and much more. The human race is in its infancy but there are brave souls who push the envelope and try to reach the masses with this knowledge. You would think things of this magnitude and scope would be all over the news and would persuade scholars who wish to see the human race get to the next level in our evolution and join our cosmic brothers and sisters. I think the next ten years or sooner will see a major change in the human race and I am very glad I will be here to see it, at least in my biological form.

  2. Claire Chamberlain
    2013-04-30 @ 2:52 PM

    I have read Julia’s book and I have to say it brings hope that we will see the ones we love again. Mykhaylo moved across nearly 9 months ago and the grief is painfully crippling. The belief of an afterlife has soothed me but can I wait that long as I am only 45 and the thought of growing old without him is unbearable. I can understand why people die of a broken heart. I have considered taking my own life, but I have a daughter which would be unfair to her.

    • Julia
      2013-05-01 @ 8:36 AM

      Claire, communicate with him! It is bound to diminish, if not eliminate, your grief. Communicate right from your grief. If you cannot bear to do this alone, go to Alan Botkin’s site and find a certified Induced after-death communication therapist near you. You will probably need only one to two sessions because your emotions are flowing.

      Of course, suicide is not solution. Near-death experiencers who took their own lives reported that they did not see the person they wanted to meet. And you have a daughter who needs you.

      I imagine you are exhausted.

      Please stay in touch.


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