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  1. Donya Wicken
    2013-10-21 @ 7:57 AM

    Hi Julia. I went to a spiritualist church a few months ago. They meet in a rented office space. Probably the least exotic looking people I’ve ever seen. The medium who looked like a traditional elderly church lady brought “greetings” to everyone in the room one by one. I was surprised when she asked me if I would like to receive a greeting. I said yes. She said someone named Wayne was trying to reach me. I was sure I didn’t know anyone name Wayne on the other side. Then she told me about a woman, born in April with a name like Ellen. I thought it might be my mom, Helen. The medium said that I was not to worry and I would soon get through this rigmarole. The medium asked if I knew what rigmarole meant and I had to laugh. It was my mother’s favorite word and a perfect description of the hassles I was going through with my sisters. Later, after I had returned home I remembered that I have a cousin named Wayne. I messaged his sister and asked how he was doing. She told me he had died three years ago in prison. I asked my friend Ben to get in touch with Wayne and see if we could help him.

    • Julia
      2013-10-21 @ 11:31 AM

      Great Donya! I spoke at a spiritualist church in Chicago about 6 weeks ago and was amazed at what they do. There were 3 reverends there who channeled for every single person attending with incredible speed and energy. My own problem with these communities is their lack of belief in reincarnation. I can understand why though. How can they be reaching the dead if they are already reincarnated? The truth is, of course, that our reincarnations are also operating in the afterlife, intact. No part of the personality ever dies, it just splits into more personalities. Thanks for posting this tribute to mediumship! Julia

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