Many of you may not know about Lily Dale, a village not far from Buffalo. What makes Lily Dale different from so many other villages of its size is that it is populated by professional mediums. Before a Lily Dale medium is allowed to put up the shingle, he or she is tested by a local board of experts.

The town was home to the Fox sisters, two very gifted mediums who lived in the mid 1800s. They first realized their gifts when in a quaint little house they began communicating with a dead person through table rapping. The information they uncovered was confirmed when they dug into the floor of the house and discovered the body of that person. From there, the fame of the Fox sisters began to spread, ultimately contributing to the Spiritualist Movement in the USA. Today, there are Spiritualist Churches all over the US and Great Britain.

If you are in the neighborhood, stop in and get a reading. You won’t regret it. If not, here’s a short video that will introduce you to this legendary place and its atypical residents.