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  1. Heather
    2019-02-02 @ 6:28 AM

    I recently lost my son on January 20, 2019
    I haven’t dreamt about him and although I do feel he is always with me I want to hear him or see him. I just want to connect with him

    • Julia Assante
      2019-02-09 @ 12:42 PM

      Dear Heather, I am so sorry! Please look at the tips I give for communication with the departed at the bottom of my homepage. If that doesn’t work, you might try the more detailed tips in my book, The Last Frontier. There are many chapter devoted to afterlife communication that you will find very helpful. So many mothers have!


  2. Yolanda F. Alomia
    2019-03-29 @ 12:10 PM

    Grief from a loss of a son is a battle that is really hard to fight. It’s excruciating/unimaginable pain inside. (never mind my grammar here) My son Cedric Fernandez Alomia (Filipino) passed away on Jan 27, 2019. He’s only 19 and turned 20 this March 3, 2019. He’s good handsome guy, God fearing and with so many friends. He used to fetch/accompany me from the office going home after his school. He died suddenly of cardiac arrest (cardiomyopathy/myocarditis/metabolic acidosis) after he played basketball, from irregular heartbeat to heart failure. He was so dear to me, I felt I was broken into pieces because of sadness.

               Kindly validate some situations like, my daughter Clarisse  had a dream encounter with my son Cedric :

         Clarisse: My brother why are you here, supposedly your dead?
          Cedric: Yes, but I lived again.
          Clarisse: Are you blaming us for what had happened to you?
          Cedric:  Oh no, the more I’m thankful and enjoyed life with you.
           Clarisse: Did you accept now that your dead?
            Cedric:  Yes, but I’m happy now.

    One of his friends also informed me that he dreamed Cedric said sorry for he made us cry for his loss, he enjoyed life here on earth with family and friends.

    I know my son can’t visit me through dreams as what you’ve  mentioned in your article  because I’m not relax and still in grief and disbelief.  Some signs of visitations that somehow comforted me but wondering if this is the case like, goosebumps in my neck and back while  walking going to mall at noon time; my watch used to be advanced but became exact time without adjusting it;  I’ve noticed glittering lights  in our  room at night but the lights off.  Its red, yellow and white small lights floating in the air.  This happened twice. Wondering what were these tiny lights.  One time my husband
    saw his aura/image in a wink of an eye going out from his room.  We cried and thanked him for his visits. Saying we love him so much.

    I wonder where is my son If I didn’t feel his presence, what he’s doing right now. I promised to give him a new cp on his birthday but didn’t happen because of his early death. Does  he feel regret with this promise. Does  he miss his life on earth, his family and friends?

    I miss my sons body, I want to hug him, I wish he will  visit me in my dream. I want to talk to him, because everything was sudden. No closure, no last words.

    Please comfort me Ma’am Julia. Thank you and God bless. (photos attached)

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