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  1. Mary
    2016-05-05 @ 2:40 PM

    Hi Julia,

    My friend died recently , we werent that close but he was a friend. He was a heavy cocaine user for many years but still remained funtional to some degree like maintaing friendship connections and working a good job, when he ued it was on binges for a few days ,unfortunately when I would visit him I would parttake in it with him. I also have a very addictive personality but thank god could never afford it! I recently moved out of the city were he lived and I always knew he was going to die young from this. I sensed him giving up and wanting to leave ,he was only 48,he started to have a heaviness around him from years of drug using and I sensed dark astral entities around him and in his apartment allot. It was actually quit creepy so I stopped going over there about a month ago a friend found him in his apartment dead, he had been dead for a few days and it was a Drug overdose ofcourse heart attack. I know it sounds crazy but he was kind of a advanced soul and I feel like allot of the reason he did drugs was because he needed to numb hislef from feeling things so deeply . Im trying to figure out if he had a hard transition and if he’s safe and healing now from this past life he just lived. I also feel guilty that I should have been a more positive friend in not supporting that self abuse by partaking in that with him. Im just really hoping he is okay,he left behind a cute little dog that he adopted towards the end of his life. I feel he needed that little animal spirit partially because he was so lonley but to help him spiritually , its ironic he got that little dog towards the end . I’m just hoping the drugs didnt get in the way of the awareness when he left his body.

    • Julia
      2016-05-10 @ 9:01 PM

      Hi Mary, I know what you mean about the spiritual side of some drug users. I think many of them are looking for something in the haze, sometimes a dead parent or spouse, at other times enlightenment. Despite the amount of drugs from overdosing, after death they can almost immediately come to full consciousness. Still, not a great way to go! Try contacting him yourself. Look at the bottom of my homepage for how-to tips, or more extensive direction in my book. Let me know what happens!


    2016-10-31 @ 4:59 AM

    Julia my daughter died of a heroin and Fentanyl overdose February 9th 2016. She actually died February 8th but wasn’t found in pronounced dead to on February 9th. February 8th I went to bed not knowing to my daughter had passed and through the night I kept waking up because I was extremely cold just shivering to the Bone I woke up over six times before I got myself another blanket. And got up at 5:30 to get ready for work and seeing that I had missed a call from St Louis number 314 area code that’s where my daughter was. Within 30 minutes I confirmed that my daughter had passed away. I wonder about that night and the feeling of cold that I had about me all night– if it was my daughter around me and that was her that I was feeling. I sense her in her bedroom I’ve even gotten readings of 75 Mills on an EMF reader it was only in her purse . I worry for my daughter’s soul. I have burned frankincense in her bedroom and prayed for her and just don’t know if she could be stuck when she died. I have no access to that place. Is there anything I can do to make sure my daughter is safe?

    • Julia
      2016-11-14 @ 9:20 PM

      Dear Susan, I am so sorry for your loss. Nothing is harder than losing a child. I am certain your daughter is not at all stuck. And yes, of course, you felt her the night she died. Many people experience cold in these instances. In your case, she was tring to tell you what happened.

      I know so many women who have lost a child. The most successful healing almost always includes afterlife communication with their children. You don’t really need to pray for her, you need to communicate WITH her. Look at the bottom of my homepage for tips on how to do that. And let me know how you are doing!

      With great sympathy and lots of e-hugs from me.

  3. Cyn
    2017-05-23 @ 12:25 PM

    The same thing happened to me as Susan (above) except I wasn’t fortunate in that I didn’t feel her spirit leaving. I was packed and set to go be with her, but the DialaRide cab driver was late and lost, and I let them beg off until the morning. When her youger brother showed up at my front door early the following morning, I took one look at his face and I knew. Joy was 42 and it will be six months on June 3.
    I have been searching for answers and he ever since. Was it really an accident? Could I have done more? And also, will we ever meet again?

    • Julia
      2017-06-07 @ 3:11 PM

      Dear Cyn, I know of no one who has been faced with a suicide who didn’t ask these same questions. Truthfully, sometimes they themselves don’t always know whether it was an accident or a deliberate death. And they don’t always know why. That seems to take time for some.

      You really need to make contact with Joy to get specific answers. Look at the bottom of my homepage for tips on how to make contact. The good thing is–you don’t have to wait to die to meet her again!


  4. Arrgh
    2018-04-15 @ 11:29 AM

    Did you just write that no punishment awaits those who take their own lives?
    I sincerely wish that were true, but I very much doubt it.

    Fact is, life is sacred. Life does not belong to us. We are mere custodians of life, which is given to us so that we may accomplish our purposes on earth, and afterwards, return it to the Owner. Life is like a bag of tools which we need for our given “jobs”. Our employer handed it to us as we begin our “assignments”, and will take it back when it is determined that we are done.

    When we mishandle or mistreat or prematurely terminate this life, we must be able to justify our reasons for doing so. Unfortunately, we never have a justifiable reason to destroy that which does not belong to us in the first place. And life is never the cause of our problems, but what we do, or fail to do, with that life.

  5. Alan Finch
    2018-08-18 @ 4:39 AM

    My name is Alan Finch. I became a Christian 42 years ago. The last 3 words of JESUS on the Cross before giving up the Ghost were “IT IS FINISHED.” I believe by coming to a good Biblical understanding of all that those 3 words uttered by JESUS encompass, will clearly answer the question “What happens to suicides after death?”

    The shed Blood of JESUS on the Cross covers ALL. That includes suicide. Praise God!

    “WOW,” I was taught and believed that multitudes upon multitudes of humans will suffer “eternal torment” for 100 trillion years, and then another 100 trillion years, and then another 100 trillion years, and it goes on and on with no hope of it ever ending. I am certain that each one of us, deep inside of our very being, know that something just does not add up, but we just can’t quite figure out what is it that we are not understanding correctly from the Scriptures.

    The true biblical teaching is neither the traditional Christian view of hell, nor the view of annihilation. Our great God is neither a great torturer nor a great annihilator, but He is the great Saviour of the world.

    The mystery of the finished work of Christ on the Cross will one day reveal the perfect plan of God for the entire human race, which does not include “eternal torment” or “eternal annihilation” for one single person!

    I have written an article upon this topic, but it is much too lengthy to post on this site (26 pages). Below is a sample. If anyone would like a copy in it’s original Word Document Format, feel free to e-mail me and request a copy, and I will e-mail you a copy.

    ………. What is the “GOOD NEWS” of the Gospel of Christ? ……….
    (Re-examining the widely held belief of “eternal torment” in “Hellfire”)

    My purpose for this writing is to Biblically “expound” upon (1) is there really going to be “eternal torment?” (2) is there really going to be “eternal annihilation?” (3) to give a Biblical answer to the question “If there is no “eternal torment,” and if there is no “eternal annihilation” of our very being, then what are we being saved from, and what is our being here during this present time on earth really all about?”

    I was a Christian for 38 years before I gained a better Scriptural understanding of some Biblical truths that I had not properly understood in regards to the finished work of Christ on the Cross.

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